Saturday, November 10, 2007

B-Boy Cycle (jazzy radio version) mix

This mix is more on a jazzy musical vibe i like to listen to when i just chill.
Once again mixed with love and passion ahah
Except that there's a little bonus on this one (non negligible to me)
The sound quality is much higher than any mixes i did before cause it's been reworked in the studio by my bro Phohat.
So i was nicely surprised that lots of them tracks sound even better than the original versions i have on vinyl. So props to the technology and sound engineerz ahah
This is for all y'all true music loverz out there, just sharing some good shit. Hope you enjoy cause i do!
so this is dope mp3 material and for the close fam, if you're interested contact me there's the real audio cd (non mp3!!) for your system, and the sound is DOPE, believe!

Phohat, Nujabes,Vinyl Reanimatorz, Beatminerz, Clark Kent, Beatnuts, Lord Finesse, Buckshot, Biggie Smallz, Lewis Parker, Mos Def, Royal Flush, Jay-Z, Funky DL, Digable Planet, Raw Produce, Bums, Scritti politti, Buckshot Lefonque, Raskass, ATCQ.. Groover Washington

Most of all, I send love between my brothas and my sistas, representing hip hop all over this world! (F.DL)
Feel it!
and haterz, well suck my ballz! at least, this you will enjoy ahah


Blaze B-Boy Cycle (jazzy radio version) click here to download
mix length approximatively one hour

megaupload link
zshare link


(big up to agent.X. for the visual)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

SPAG final version

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is family, so i just don't give a fuck if you like it or not ahah

mix coming soon..


Friday, October 26, 2007

JAPAN intelligenti pauca

This one is for all my japanese people out there!

I remember i told y'all about my man "PHOHAT" a while ago.
Well, the instrumental lp "intelligenti pauca" is out now and available in Japan.
feat. beats by DA G.U.I
all cutz by blaze/CSA

This special japanese version got 2 phat bonus tracks that you can't find on the european release (which is also coming soon for next week).

get it at your local HMV , tower records ..
peace to refine recordings,

personal review:
First time i heard his beats back then, i was really diggin'them. I was also impressed by the sound quality and the warm bass he always had on his tracks. I remember when i first met the guy in his basement(RIP), saw them crazy machines he was working with and realised he was also a sound engineer.. (Oh that's why he had that dope sound!! lol
that 31 years old beatmaker(sound engineer and more..) is inspired by hiphop,jazz, soul, funk, afro beat, broken soul, electro house..
The album shows this large diversity of music that some b-boy from the ghetto can actually produce. You might be surprised. You got different kind of beats, so don't expect just straight boom bap hip hop beats, it's music. I'd say "electro urban" beats. Like it or not, it still has some dope ass hits in it!
The tracks has their own atmosphere, it's full of imagery and this is for what it was made for. You really need to visualize it sometimes, it should be the background sound of some video formats i think. i'd say it's also something you can play in the back, while chillin'or doing something else.
Also, it was made a bit like that "prince paul" project, you know the guy's playing his little movie in his head and then try to put sound on it.
I believe he has his own touch, i don't know there's something special ,you can feel it.
Professional must pay attention here!! And real music lovers should hear it..
So now it's your choice if you want to discover his atmosphere, or not..

"intelligenti pauca" means in latin : " few words suffice for he who understands

peace to the ones who know.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Video ShooT!

heyyo whuttup people!

The close entourage know about that video shoot.. the track is called "Passionerz" from my man "Spag cynofilik"LP. It has additional cutz by me on that version that you can't find on the vinyl. I'm actually feeling real good today, knowing that shit is finally out.And trust me, it was made wit that true hiphop spirit that we still have. So don't expect any hot bitch lapdance, moët drinking at the club, and all that bling bullshit hiphop has been overfed through all these yearz. But know that, brothaz had to climb over all kinda shit to get to the spot (graffity bomberz you know what it is) and re-paint the
I remember it was rough, people was tired, on a rainy day, the humidity, the dusty air, the spiderz ahah people trying to kick us outta here (nice try lol), no long chairs around to rest, standing up all day knowing it has to be shot and that's it.
However it was DOPE! The place was dope, the chemical smell of paint mixed up wit other natural ones lol also alcohol kept some brothaz running and on point too that day ahah

So to resume, dope hiphop video! Peep dis fellaz..
Peace to all that little army who was here that day, really too many to mention
93-95 Underground Spirit CRS88 ! ! !
This is how it should be done! eheh

i'm out.

Spag Cynofilik "Passionerz" feat. Blaze/CSA on the cuts, Phohat , Coroz , Lib-K Prog.S

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back To The Lab Part 1

It's good to be back home. 95 Til infinity that's what's up!
In order to celebrate this, i'm making a new batch of mixes, and this one is the first part.
As usual this is a mix of independant records, you know our steez!!!
This time you're gonna get a tracklist so enjoy

Brainsick Mob - Check It Out
Rhythm Blunt Crew
Rascalz - Really Livin Remix
Droopy Eye Crew - Strictly For Live Men
Cash Money Click - Get The Fortune
Brooklyn Zoo - Master Of The Zooniverse
Mudd - Movin Up
M Slash - Telekinesis
Red Eye - Ohlala
Bas Blasta - Ain't Watcha Do
World Renown - How Nice I Am
Bandits - How Ya Livin
Red Hot Lover Tone
Spark 950 & Timbo King - Nigga Be Nasty
Kay - Maintain & Build
Magic Juan - Assassination
Jgaboo Da Ignant - Travels
Munk Wit Da Funk - Shadows Remix
Dredd Scott - Back In The Days

I hope the summer was good, even though the weather sucked, and that your ears are fresh to listen to this mix

Last but not least, here's the link

I'm out!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Indy Mix Pt.6

Yo what's popin!!!!!
It's been mad long since my last mix because I've been busy with other stuff, but I'm still here.
I don't have a lot of time i'm just here to drop a fuckin mix, no tracklist yet, maybe later when I come back and have time to post it.

Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.6

Enjoy, Post some feedback, find the tracklist, get your e-cred maxxed up!

Ok Here's the tracklist off the top of my head :

Godfather Don – 7 Degrees Of Elevation
Izm Da Mad Soul – Who Lit Dat
Dedicated 2 Tha Street – (Naugthy by nature diss)
Tripps – New York NYC
Problem – Street Theory 101
Geo & Rickochet – How It’s Done
The Outfit – 3 mics ...
Deep In Da Circle – So
Soul Survivors – Strictly Hiphop
Dahru – Connecticut
Crime Fam – Scotch On The Rocks
The Hoodz – Pull Out Your Gats (Remix)
Okie Dokie – Who’s The One Rappin
Soma – Causin Mass Hysteria
Soho – Shortie (chainsaw massacre texas hiphop)
Brother Arthur _ What You Gonna DO
Paul Ray –
Saukrates & Marvel – Hate Runs Deep
Shabam Sadeeq – It Can Happen
Bruthaman – Repeat After Me
G Depp – Blow More Spot
Da Nabahood Threat -

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blazin'Fried Chicken mix

whuttup people! i'm not dead yet.., it's the return of the chicken style homie!

i know it's been a while and all that but i'm quite busy working on some other projects, anyway i felt like i had to give y'all a little something for july, so check this one out.
once again, if you're still into that indy rap shit, this one is just for you! (yes sir, that's how you sell a mix, learn my friend! haha)

no tracklist don't ask, that's a "win a fucking bitch" contest ahah joke here, come on..!

big up to Match47 (nice sunny graff session bro!) , the Cynofilik Spag (video coming soon..! ), my man Phohat (beathead! you know the deal! ahah) ..Nooferz the new american boy from around the way ;) to Brotha X ! etc....and all the real positive headz out there.., fuck the rest i don't got time for that shit

merci oui oui bam bam and all that good stuff
i'm out


WARNING! downloading procedure click : " HERE " !

enjoy urself or die bitch !

Thursday, May 31, 2007

PHOHAT "Intelligenti Pauca" 12"

I'm back to let y'all know that "PHOHAT" has released an instrumental 12"a month ago. You probably don't know about that cat but i'm sure you will in the future cause he's just good at what he does, making dope beats!
just to let you know it's out and there's been a limited pressing on this 12", less than 500. Most of them are already gone to Japan (they know what's good, believe)
so it's a bit hard to find now, some are still available in europe: paris,england, germany.. (don't really know the details, ask your records store if there's any left, otherwise it's japan only)
cop it if you got the chance to see it cause it was sold out in many recordz stores before having any promo around it
i believe this guy's gonna blow up, better check him out, don't act like i didn't tell you ahah.
the "Intelligenti Pauca" LP is coming soon..

Intelligenti pauca ( means in latin : " few words suffice for he who understands )

you can listen here:

contact and more here:


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Old School Flavor Butter Chicken

Sup people?
it's been a long time since the last mix, but yo they were so dope that we felt you needed some time to chill to them
This new mix is a little different from what we did before, it's not on that indy vibe, but more with that old school flavor, I thought y'all might enjoy a little change and something different
To be honest with y'all, when i got the Motion Man 12" and i started playing the Mo likes flows on i flipped and i wanted to put it in a mix right away, so i thought why not make a kind of old school with that vibe you know fast beats and everything
Anyway, y'all might know some tracks on this one cause everything is not really rare, but you might not know some other

So no long post this time about what pisses me off, i think everything was said on the previous posts, i'll let you enjoy this one

here's the link Old School Flavor Butter Chicken

and the tracklist

Maestro Fresh Wes - On The Jazz Tip
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator
Lord Finesse & AG - Back To Back Rhymin
Percee P - Lung Collapsing Lyrics
Mc Ez & The Trouop - Just Rhyming
Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - World Premiere
Master Ace & Biz Markie - Me And The Biz
Big L - School Dayz
Motion Man - Mo Likes Flows On
Digital Underground - Humpty Dance
3rd Bass & Zev Love X - Gas Face
P.H.D. - I'm Flippin
Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
Intelligent Hoodlum - Back To Reality
The Genius & Prince Rakim - Pass the Bone
DiamonD - What You Seek
Moe Crazy & Tony Tone & Chi Ali - Knock'em Out Da Frame
King Sun - Big Shots
NWA - Gangsta Gangsta
Freestyle Professors - Down With The Freestyle Professors
Mobb Deep - Hit It From The Back
Showbiz & AG - Hold Ya Head
Da King & I - Flip The Script
Ali Dee - Who's The Flavor

enjoy this one and leave some comment, let me know what you think of it, discuss your favorite tracks or whatever

i got to say, i can't get enough of the motion man, the percee p and the 3rd bass just to name a few

See y'all fellas (and ladies i hope) later, i'll be back in the end of the summer with some freshness to smooth your coming back home from holidays

PS : Thanks for the support concerning the maple syrup mix, i appreciate that and concerning any other mix we made, leave some comments, it motivates us to give you even more of that shit!

PS 2 : Shout out to Wuze and Blaze for the ill CSA graf and to the fam!

I'm out

Monday, April 02, 2007

U.B.S tracklist

Yo, here's the tracklist of the Undercover Bananas SpeciaL mix:

Intro Harry Bellafonte "banana boat song
lyrical lunatic "headboppers
chaos "wordlife
ill biskit "beyond understanding
camouflage large "heavyhitters
global platoon "keep your day job
hycelph da supreme child "97 introduction
empty pockets "illusions
heavy sedation "somthinlight
pauly yams dj jams "when i blow up
naughty axe "congo madness
corner 2 corner "corners 2 corporations
brookly zoo "the year 2000
K skills/Dr becket "hitten hardest
example "endless
Bosch "rising suns
live wirez "real niggaz
D vine "fit in to my structure
pauly yams and Dj Jazz "snitches!
public anounsa "deep concentration
Bosch "jezebel
Dr Wes "body parts
camouflage large "regulate
ricci rucker/mike boo "

here's again the link to download it in case you missed it:
Blaze/CSA Undercover Bananas SpeciaL mix

contest is over, big up to you if you did try.
sorry i'm tired, had a busy day, don't have much shit to say except that i'm working on some bananas mix part.2 cause i need a new mix in my mp3 player but don't worry, i'll share this shit with y'all as usual, you know how we do..
Thanks again for the props from worldwide, peace to all the (positive) hip hop heads who visit us in here the "Chicken Matrix"ahah

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fondle'em Bitch!

Aight, First off let me say somethin!
The mega dope contest will close next monday and no one has found the exact tracklisting yet! So keep sending them emails to Blaze cause you might still have a shot to win that dope EP from my man Spag Cynophilik!

Now I've been checking the net lately, and shit, how many blogs are out there?? like a fuckin million or what?? Aight so that's nice there's people trying to share music and shit, trying to push that hiphop music that we like in the right direction. But come one, it's like a virus now! I guess it all started when my man smoov started VA, shit got some luv and then bim! blogs comin out of everywhere. So I'm checking some of them, maybee i'll hear something fat you know, cause everytime i see a new post i can read "mad dope ish!", "super fat!", "this is the shit!", hahaha come on dudes, let's be realistic here, not every single record is the "fucking mega dope shit!!". Off course everyone entitled to his own opinion about what's dope and what's not, but if you say everything is dope and I check a couple tracks and don't hear anything dope then i won't check anything else from your blog.
Another thing, what the fuck is is with just posting a picture of the record and a fucking link!!! Dude please try to add something here, and honestly if you drop some shamus record, or natural element or hi tech or whatever not so rare record, it's on soulseek!!!(and in my crates) I don't need your blog to hear this ish, so please add some insight! I might not like all that Smoov post for example, but at least VA explains why they think the record is nice. Big up to you for that. Big up also to my man Slurg for the fat insights everytime he reviews a record, check out his new ish press rewind (link's in the ... link section). A review is not "yo this shit's mad nice with the jazzy vibe, enjoy!" naaaaahhhh!!!
Don't even get me started with dudes actually posting mp3s that they did get on soulseek, when they actually don't have the record, and then they post nothing but a link, hahaha, pure comedy! Is there a contest for some e-cred goin on here? This reminds me of that other guy who was trading mp3s like that shit was actually rare and worth something hahaha bitch fuck you.

Next up is myspace, fuck this shit! a fucking wolrd of hypocrits. The other day I was chillin there, checkin some pages, (read: checking random bitches pages) when i receive a friend notification from none other than that ugly bitch Fergie. Yeah that fake hot bitch from that fake rap group BEP. Am i really supposed to think that she actually cheked our page, even went and check what we do and enjoyed it?? I mean fuck is this only about marketing your product, about having the fattest friend list so you can post more advertisement later? Well of course it is, what was I thinking. For a minute I thought this was about the music, liking what other people do and connect with other artists or fans in the same mindstate as yours. But I was on another fucking planet the day I thought myspace may actually be a good idea. Big up to Apany for actually checking out our page and the intro that Blaze upped in here, you have our support!!!

If you want to check our page (if you find it) and send us a friend request so we can hear what you do or like, please do so. But you might want to drop us a message first, cause we've been tired of that ish, where people just randomly want to be on our friend list. You end up checking pages where french dudes try to immitate crunk music, with no rhymes, no double time, no nothing, straight wackness!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Aight now, let's get down to business and what we're actually here for. Them mixes!!!
I don't have a lot of time these days, so I treat you with some old ish. This is a mix that actually came out. Thanks to everyone who did carry this (even ughh, when you bootlegged it straight after receivin it).
this is the 12 Inches Deep Fondle'em issue, this shit was approuved by bobbito himself!! ya better recognize!!! (hahaha)

Shadout Mapes - 12 Inches Deep Fondle'em Issue:

1. Intro
2. Cage "Mersh"
3. Mhz "Camu"
4. Cage "Radiohead"
5. Siah "Pyrite"
6. Scienz of Life "The Anthem"
7. J-Treds "Make it happen"
8. Mr. Live "Supadupa"
9. Cloudkickers ft. Cage "And so kiddies"
10. Y@k Ballz "The plague"
11. Godfather Don ft. Bobitto "Keep on"
12. MF Grimm "Landslide Remix"
13. Jakki Damotamouth "The chosen"
14. MF Doom “Go with the flow raw mix”
15. KMD "Q3"
16. Siah & Yeshua DapoED "A day like no other"
17. KMD "Popcorn"
18. The Boulevard Connection ft. Promoe "Denmark style"
19. Godfather Don & Kool Keith "Mommy"
20. The Juggaknots "Troubleman"
21. Rok One ft. Shabaam Sadeeq, Kwest & L-Fudge "Ninety degrees a piece"

I still have some real copies of this mix cd available for those of you who would like to support what we do, for 10€ i'll send this wherever you are. so contact me if you are interested. I'm still givin this away for free but fuck it!
One love to Calaloo who did the fat fat cover!
Like cage said on mersh "this world's a commercial I can't change the channel everyday tryin to kill it but i have no ammo!"
Fuck the world!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Undercover Bananas Special mix

As y’all already know CSA is all about Peace, Love, Unity, having fun and tons of other dope stuff such as, insane chicken hunting in the jungle (with shotguns and wearing camouflage AF1 of course), tasty selective cannibalism when the mood is right, hardcore gangbangs (with “miss universe”winners only ahah), incredible polka dancing battles (for b.boyz only), and of course endless discussions about who the fuck got the best chicken recipe ever (don’t front guys, that’s me, without a doubt! I’m the fuckin’chicken master)
Now you know all about us, you might think: “damn! Dat’s ill..” Nah man, that’s just a regular csa week end right there...
Enough blabla for now, today I highly recommend you to pay attention on that mix. Not because it’s the best mix ever, but simply cause I won’t put any tracklist till a week or two.I’ll let you find out in the comment section. I’m warning you, that ain’t an easy one, there are lots of rare recordz in there. If you do recognize all them tracks right away, you’ll get my eternal e-respect (ahah dat’s one thing..)and win the contest with the honors from the CSA ahah
As you also just realized, CSA is also about interactivity and real entertainment for your lazy asses! So just give it a try, you won’t be called a sucka if you just don’t succeed, don’t worry.
However there’s one type of people I’d like to condemn,you know the type who listen to any, I really mean any tracks even unreleased ones and then say to you this wonderful and magic sentence: “OH yeah, I know this one, I heard it before but I can’t remember the name and artist.. but I know the sample..etc..” Why lying to yourself…WHY?ahah Shit, that’s not because it’s music, that you already heard it all! That’s just stupid and impossible you dumb dumb fuck! What’s the big deal not to know about it? I guess some guys need some sort of credibility and shit,but I still don’t get it. Or at least, give me some real facts like,some names, artists,djs,type of ish you might have heard that “sample” from. Ahah you can’t fake it.Watch out,there’s an investigation on your ass,so go hide yourself now,quick! …Maaan…I can still see you..
So now if you’re not too scared (I might have upset you if you’re that type of person aha), and you want to participate in that lil csa game, don’t forget to mention your name cause there will be tons of incredibles prices to win.
The first who e-mails me the complete tracklist will get one SpagCynofilik CSA signed vinyl, shipped directly to your sweet home on our humble expenses(no bullshit). Also some virtual chicken wingz, alcohol, candy bars, hot bitches(hot guy with muscles and all if you’re a b.girl winner,you never know..) animals if you’re into that kind of stuff ahah
And I know hundreds of hip hop heads are downloading them mixes (I can see you, all of you, I’m observing everything and shit) SO don’t let the man die alone and at least write some shit in the comment section you shy mothaF…. Represent for yourself, and let us know who did cop them mixes! That ain’t too much to ask, right? Right..” I knew you’d understand my point.

So keep it simple,positive and remember:
Even a man wearing a red skirt and..ah let me rectify that one, there’s some hiphop technical matters that can’t be deny..ahah Aiight, let’s try dis, even a fat ass naked midget sailing in the cold Antarctic ocean wearing short with sunglasses, can know more about hiphop than all of us..(??!) just meditate on this one, too deep I just lost y’all ahah

Peace out

Click on the link to download:
BLAze/Csa in “Undercover Bananas Special” MIX

you can contact me at:
and about the contest, if nobody can give me the complete tracklist, i guess the winner will be the one who got the more correct answers. Good luck y'all, and good hunting!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

SpaG CynofiliK vinyl ep

We've been waiting for this to come out for a long time now, my man Spag Cynofilik's ep is out and it's in vinyl!
Once upon a time, Spag cynofilik (Aka State from the legendary graffity possee named "CRS" founded in 1988, a few yearz later combined with the "US" graffity crew then formed the "US.CRS"possee), was born back in a dayz, somewhere.. ahah
He was also in the "DigamaZ" rap crew that we've already talked about.
Nowadays, some left some stayed some arrived, and "Bam!"a new possee was born (like magic you see) called "CuratorZ".
So Today, 10 yearz later, he's back with his solo ep. With crazy nice productions by my man Phohat and Skalapp aka Prog's, he's coming back with some inovating hardcore flavour..asked Lodeck in NY who also contributed on this one emceeing along with Match47,Coroz,Lib.K..and myself on the cutz.
I gotta say it's the first official CSA collabo available in VINYL, so if you support us you better cop this one fo'sure! I repeat, we don't do music for money as you already know but if we got your support on this one, we can continue to release more stuff, so keep the few real b boyz left alive and yeah put it in the hat right there on the floor ahah
So spread the word, sell it in your store, get it for your collection, just buy the mothafucka!

available at Fat Beats Amsterdam (they know about dope) (soon)

in Paris: Urban music, Tmaxx, samad, etc..

contact SpagCynofiliK (for questions or to get a cheaper price for real, just say you're a CSA addict and that would do..) at:

here's some other nice work from him:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CS@ "One year already ! Special delivery Pt.2

Whuttup whuttup,
first of all, it's been a year now since we started this blog shit. So for the occasion and to celebrate, i had to come up with some dope sound for y'all. This one is more on some early 90's vibe, from 91 to 93/94 mostly. For all y'all hiphop fans out there, you won't be disappointed. It's a must have for the CSA listeners, so get it, NOW!!! (jack bauer's tone)
For those who just join us, this is a "mixtape blog". We try to provide you with some phat mixes or at least recordz we like to listen to. First it was made for all the peeps worldwide who support the CSA possee, and even if they moved away or be travellin'to different places, they can still have some mixes to bump into their system via the internet, anywhere they might be.
Today, I'm glad to see more and more peeps are joining us and appreciating this shit.
So big up to all the ones who supported us since day one (all countries worldwide, no segregation allowed in here) and to all the hiphop resistance on earth (yeah boy, the planet). Cuz nowadays kids are only into that crunk music or wack rap where they don't seem to make rhymes anymore. To prefer singing over rapping is one thing but worse! Now they don't rap, they whisper! Niiiiice!! WTF ahah

Now some shit must be said in this fucked up world, so i'd like to pull out a big red card to:
All the non-sucking dick bitches (heyyo if you act like a slut, at least you should represent, no offense! ahah otherwise respect yourself, and i'll show you some. eat a dick!
the so called friends, all tough and shit on the outside, but ready to sell their own the moment cops showed up. Fuckin'snitches! What about honour,pride and self respect nowadays?!! Fuck you and go eat a dick too you fucking bitch!!
all the ones who keep talking, talking and talking shit all day long behind other people's back.If you like them stories so much, go write a book and shut the fuck up mothafuckas!!
the real bullshit makerz, if you can't do what you say, don't talk. save us some time, go tell the next man, next..!!
all the sons of bitches who think they're the smart ones and know it all already, walking around like they own the fucking planet..heyyo eat a dick too or just sit on one (maybe u already know'bout dat..)
them arrogant mothafuckas who think they're the greatest of all time..keep it low profile and stay humble,you might get ur ass kicked soon or later
to the old friends, you chose the thug way, so be it. but respect the ones who try to make it in a decent way. life is hard and no one's made it yet.How many jail times,how long you gonna last, realize! try to fit's never too late till..
the hardcore haterz,the real ones. the ones who still be hating while hittin'jessica alba from the back ahah Damn, get some positivity! wake up or just hang urself!
All the ignorant peeps living in a fucking movie. you too, better wake up!
All the fake hip hop fashion headz, wearing fake ass blingz and don't know shit about the movement. You're a disgrace for that community, so give it up, please..
All them new street fashion victims loving Bape to death, wearing all that multicolor purple shit.dat's just me yo but, shit is ugly!! (and out of price for ugliness) ahah
all them security guards, i know you guys are doing your job and everything but stop following me even when i'm buying some fucking milk,that's still annoying! and don't pretend to look away, you're not invisible yet!
all the grandmas who thought i was gonna steal their purse, them suckas scared for their phones. that ain't me!! believe!
to all them dirty sluts who keep riding and riding brothas dicks for their fame,hype or sure can try to infiltrate but you only deserve one thing u EAT IT!ahah
and for them internet nerds trying desperately to get some e-props,e-respect or e-cred ahah that's just internet boy! Go out and meet the fucking sun!!
list goes on believe me however in dis fucked up world, i'd also like to say peace to:
them beautiful and simple women(you know who you are),the dedicated mothers,the sun for doing his job and making our ass warm, the one who first introduce that strange animal called chicken to his tribe back in a dayz, the mango fruit and all the mango products including mango ice cream and mango haze!! ,the peeps who designed that dope rane mixer, Kool Herc and his peeps who made this thing happened,the condom inventor(dat shit sure did save many of us, respect!ahah) All the Positive headz trying to keep it that way always etc....
If by now, you're still thinking i do give a damn about what people might think,or say blablabla well you're wrong!
And if i've offended anybody, well..FUCK YOU!

Click on the link here to download the mix:

BLaze/CSA Special Delivery.Pt.2 early 90's nuggetz!

Flip "gas"
KGB " freek tha flow
Wild sniper "yo! we got alot!
Moe crazy.."knock em out da frame
Tony tone "flow to the bone
The hansoul project "that's life
Hostyle takeover "good cop/bad cop
dedicated to the streets "sound of revolution
Eightball "ruff rugged and raw
ready to wreck
blazee "just parlay
kool kay dee "vibing in the cipher
Kgb "crack the brew
craz "whatcha gonna do
the GrimmReaper "so whatcha want N___?
J Rock "don't sleep on me
HOODz "OoliOo
King sun "unpursuit uptown
Latee/45KinGz "brainstorm

ps: There's been some technological upgrade concerning my recording configuration, so the sound quality is now PHat! Much better i think. Must be played LOUD through your speakerz!! hope you enjoy

Peace ouT

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Match47/Santos84"Microphone Backjump"

For those who already knew about dis, the "microphone backjump"lp is available now. For y'all who don't know, it's a French/Portuguese rap collabo with beats from Denmark. I've been listening to this cd for a while now, and it's still dope. One of the best release in this french rap scene in yearz!! you should really cop this if you're interested in good rap in general. Yes it's in french and portuguese, yes some of you might not understand a word they be saying, but when it's dope, it's dope!

Now, for the ones who be listening to that french rap shit during the mid90's, you should know Match47 (aka Ziake) as one member of the Digamaz possee who released a dope 12"around 97. (There's also one of them tracks in shadout's indy mix pt.4/ also the only french track we played live during that ZionI/ Kotix show if you were there..or maybe Masta Ace/edo.G's, shiit i can't remember. Anyway he's back with that lyrical technical flow and be hitting us soon wit some dope projects.This shit is QUALITY, so support (if u can) them true B boys who are still doing it for the love of it in a dark time when hiphop is moving into a strange path..

big up Match47/18recordz/US/TSK/Urban carma etc..

you can listen to some audio here:

get it:

Fnac,Ekiroc shop Samad record

stay positive! (at least, try ahah)
fuck them parasites!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scratch Science Breaks

For all the hardcore scratch heads out there, if you don't know about Scratch Science, well you should! The vol.2 of them breakbeats "GrassHoppeR" is out now and it's dope. Same concept as the vol.1: lots of good "skip proofs nicely arranged, and some nice double timing beats for your training sessions.
There's also a 500 limited 10 inch break, "Grasshopper pocket.
Some quality shit when it comes to scratchin'! support
you can know more about these cats here:


ps: some DOPE mixes are coming soon.. i'm working on it.
Keep it Peace

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best of 2006

That's it we're in 2007!
Happy new year to all the chicken lovers supporting us worldwide!!

Let's do a little recap here, cuz after less than a year of this blog shit, the CSA crew did drop 20 mixtapes for your ears!!! that's around 2 mix for each month of activity, pretty nice in my opinion!
Aight so in case you missed some of those fat tapes check those links here:

CSA Crew :
95erz Laid Back
Disciples Of the 36th Chambers (Wu fam mixtape)

Spicy Bucket Big Flavor!
Feel The Vibe
Laid Back Vol.1
Chicken WingZ Mix
Relax YouR Mind

RER C mixtape
Heavy Amunition Pt.1
Heavy Amunition Pt.2
Heavy Amunition Pt.3
Mapple sirup flavor chicken wingzerz (Canada Mixtape)

90 BPM Mixtape 1
Jazzy Mix
Secret Mix
Indy Mix Pt.1
Indy Mix Pt.2
Indy Mix Pt.3
Indy Mix Pt.4
Indy Mix Pt.5

Ok so Instead of those classic top 10 list after the end of each year, this time I decided to do a mixtape with some of the stuff I liked best this year, ok you probably got that from the title of this post but whatever. check dis out!

Shadout - Best of 2006:

P Brothers Ft. Bo$$ Monney - Bo$$ Money gangsters
Slow Suicide Stimulus Ft. Cage & LIS - BiPolar HiRollers
Third Sight - Hypotermia
Juggaknots - Namesake
Oddisee - Propa
Chapter 13 - Watchin My Moves
Pumpkinhead - Best Flow
Mikee & Whizzla Ft. Jermside - Cold Flow
Edgar Allen Floe - One and One (Remix)
Apathy - All About Crime
Snowgoons Ft. Baby Black - Thinking About Me (Philly Mix)
Army of the Pharoahs - Battle Cry
El-p - Everything Must Go
Mekalek Ft. Percee P - The Gritty Bop
Mf Doom - Vomit
AZ - The Format
Dabrye Ft. Wildchild - The Stand
AG - HipHop Quotable
Zion I - Count It Down
Soul Position - Hand Me Down
Talib Kweli - Listen!!!
Sadat X - Throw Tha Ball (Headnodic Remix)
Ohmega Watts - Ft. Stro - The Find (PPP bang Bang Remix)
La Melodia - Keep It On (Fat Jon super Fat Remix!!)

I'm out