Thursday, May 31, 2007

PHOHAT "Intelligenti Pauca" 12"

I'm back to let y'all know that "PHOHAT" has released an instrumental 12"a month ago. You probably don't know about that cat but i'm sure you will in the future cause he's just good at what he does, making dope beats!
just to let you know it's out and there's been a limited pressing on this 12", less than 500. Most of them are already gone to Japan (they know what's good, believe)
so it's a bit hard to find now, some are still available in europe: paris,england, germany.. (don't really know the details, ask your records store if there's any left, otherwise it's japan only)
cop it if you got the chance to see it cause it was sold out in many recordz stores before having any promo around it
i believe this guy's gonna blow up, better check him out, don't act like i didn't tell you ahah.
the "Intelligenti Pauca" LP is coming soon..

Intelligenti pauca ( means in latin : " few words suffice for he who understands )

you can listen here:

contact and more here:



Anonymous said...

Yo your blog is dope as fuck... Real Dj's shit no doubt... real Dj's ears are one in a billion... we recognize your gifts and blessings...

AC The Program Director Radio
Leaders of the Brand New Funk
The Real Dj's Crew!

Anonymous said...

thx a lot man