Friday, May 16, 2008

Indy Mix Part 7

If you're cruisin down liberty city lookin for that bitch, you're gonna need more than the beat fm and classic radio to get going.

To get hyped up before a little car jacking, some bank robbing or just some regular cop killing, nothin's better than a dope hiphop mix.

So bump this shit, grab a gun and get your thug on!

Shadout Mapes - Indy Mix Part 7

On a side note, Phohat's album Intelligenti Pauca just dropped on wax and is available HERE
So go get it if you haven't already, it's pure dopeness!

I'm out!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hip Hop Philosophy .Com Radio

(click on pic to listen)

peace to the fam from radio (whuttup ac! )
live from the AirGrafXshop in Long Beach, California.
dope selection !
you'll get to hear some csa exclusives , so connect your asses, cause them real dj's don't play..

and once again to all the haterz still checking our poor blog, if you check our stuff to get the records on your e bay and then hate on us .. you're just making us laugh. If you're the shit, whatever you do, be quiet and humble cause too many people think they're representing that hiphop culture and don't know shit about anything in general, so just shut your mouths suckaz..don't be mad, just suck a dick for your cred and go save hiphop ahaha
still can't understand why people are seeking for some real credibility in here. it's all about free information, take it or leave it, that's it. haterz need a life for real! time is precious

don't listen to our shit !

summer is coming, stay tuned for some fresh stuff.. positives thoughts go to the ones feeling us
anyway must be sunny.. go out, then make some music and
don't forget to listen to that radio show !!

peace to the 1% out there

CSA/real dj's crew