Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Y'all know Ron Arstest don't joke when it comes to his own personal greasy bucket. And y'all know he's down with the IM3 aka indy mix pt.3. So beware if you try to fuck with the chicken crew!!!!

Now I promised the part 3 of my independant hiphop mixes and here it is, once again it was a freestyle mix so if you expect fake computerised juggles and multitracked intro scratches get the fuck out of here.

Also it'd be nice to have more comments on those mixes, I mean we been there for like 6 months, dropped around 15 dope mixes and that last mix we post gets just one comment? you guys are cheap! show some love! or ask questions, debate, discuss tracks, you know the drill!

let's go down to business: Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.3

Khromozomez & Infared - Bigger Than That
EdoG - Get it Right Remix
Screwball & P. - HEAT (12" Mix)
Great Deity Dah - Indecent Proposal
Ig Off & Hazardous - On the Air
Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game
Renegade Foxx & Memphis Bleek - Still Hustlin
Killer Seed Squad - Killer Verses
Rezidue - Inner City Blues
Brainsick - Playin For Keeps
Da Fence Men & Krumb Snatcha - Massacre
Half a Mil, Az & Animal - Quiet Money Blood Money
Rubix & Talib Kwely - Millionaires
Saukrates - Stil Caught Up
East Flatbush Project & Live Wire - As The Table Turns
Slum Brothers - The Sure Shot
Mecalicious - How You Feel
Chosen Few - Raw Beauty
Blame One - Another Option
Kosha Dillz - Zone Out
Blueprint - No Half Smoking

Big up to somno for hooking me up with the ronron gif!
Big up to everyone supporting us

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Heavy ammunition part 3

Sup everyone?
here is the part 3 of the heavy ammunition.
One of these days i'll change the name, but right now i'm to lazy to think of anything else

Heavy ammunition part 3

01 - Darcsyde - All about the cash
02 - Jemini - scars and pain
03 - Big Red feat Diamond - How they want it
04 - Ghost - Flip it
05 - Troubleneck brothers - Back to the hip hop
06 - Rumpletilskins - Huds
07 - YG'z - Street niggaz
08 - DSA - Unholy
09 - DBC - Hit the boomz
10 - Prince AD and the Psycho child - Lyrical flavor
11 - Ready to roll - The real hip hop
12 - Powerfull & the hip hop junkies - Street life
13 - The arx - The shop
14 - Cyne - Steady
15 - 5one6 - Dirty little bitch
16 - Q Ball & Curt Cazal - Headz to bedz
17 - Real live - Crime is money
18 - Royal Flush - Rotten apple
19 - Miilkbone - Ghettobiz
20 - Get open - Mad controversy
21 - Tony da skitzoo - Who u talkin to?
22 - Society - FUNK

Big up to the Curatorz / US / CRS click for the visualz
Big up to the CSA members
Big up to you if you download our mixes
and last but not least Big up to Showbiz and AG for making that runaway slaves LP

i'm out