Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blazin'Fried Chicken mix

whuttup people! i'm not dead yet.., it's the return of the chicken style homie!

i know it's been a while and all that but i'm quite busy working on some other projects, anyway i felt like i had to give y'all a little something for july, so check this one out.
once again, if you're still into that indy rap shit, this one is just for you! (yes sir, that's how you sell a mix, learn my friend! haha)

no tracklist don't ask, that's a "win a fucking bitch" contest ahah joke here, come on..!

big up to Match47 (nice sunny graff session bro!) , the Cynofilik Spag (video coming soon..! ), my man Phohat (beathead! you know the deal! ahah) ..Nooferz the new american boy from around the way ;) to Brotha X ! etc....and all the real positive headz out there.., fuck the rest i don't got time for that shit

merci oui oui bam bam and all that good stuff
i'm out


WARNING! downloading procedure click : " HERE " !

enjoy urself or die bitch !