Sunday, December 21, 2008

Droppin' Xmas Ish

What's up peeps?

Once again it's been a long time, but it's good to be back and you'll be glad we're back too cause we have another phat mix for y'all enjoyment
This one is 1 hour long and as usual now, your job will be to find out the tracklist, which shouldn't be too hard

Actions speak louder than words so peep the link and tell a friend
Droppin' Xmas Ish

1- 215 Assasinz - Guaranteed Hot Shit
2- Madman Shawn - Walk Thru Hell
3- Icy Lee/L.P.S.D. - Insane Nigga
4- E.N.E.M.Y. Mindz - Make Money
5- Erule - Synopsis
6- Mr Voodoo - Hemlock
7- Sparrow - Physics
8- Rezidue - Dropin Rezidue
9- Co Flow - Population Control
10- ?
11- Ill Biskits - Let Em Know
13- Mytee G Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness
14- Diffarent Kombonation - International
15- Brass Tacks - Ice Breaker Classics
16- Digamaz - Transmets Noir Sur Blanc

Good things never come alone so check this shit out :
Shinning 88 myspace (remember Spag Cynofilik EP and MF Doom remixes?)
Peep the new Coroz Mixtapes (you might know him from his verse on Spag Cynofilik' Passionerz)
If you like the links we have shared with you so far, get these mixtapes you won't be disapointed

And stay tuned for future releases

I'm out peace!