Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mailling list

Hello everybody
since the updates are not made on a regular basis (and because of some feedback we had), we decided to put together a mailling list. The goal of this mailling list is to inform you when a new update comes or if there is a special event (right now there are no such things planned, but you never know, maybe one day we will sell CSA shirts or AF1 and we will want to share this with you).
So anyway, if you are interested in this, send me a mail Nooferz and write something like i want to be in this mailling list as the object of the mail.
Now don't worry, we are not going to spam you or sell your e mail adress to major companies so they can try and sell you the new 50 cent 12".

Till next time, I'm out

Monday, May 01, 2006

90BPM Mix Part 1

Ok so I fucked up last week and missed an update, but this gave you more time to chill to this laid back tape from Dj Blaze.
Anyway, right now I can't even check my records because I just moved out and they're all packed in bags and boxes, it's a big mess. Anyway I'll try to get those back in order asap so I can bring some fresh mixes but right now I got to hook you up with some old-ish.
So this mix, I did it maybee in 2002 for this french website called 90bpm, and it's the first time it's available on mp3 so I hope you like it.

Shadout Mapes - 90Bpm Mix

Hug - Fuckin With Hug
Mr D Original - Now U Da Man
Non Phixion - 4Ws
Dutchmin – Get Your Swerve On (extented Mix)
Krumb Snatcha – Remarquable
Third Sight – Ballsacks
Dr Octagon – Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
Quasimoto – Am I confused
Onry Ozbourn – Sidewalks End
Frankenstein – The Projects
Company Flow – Corners 94
Mr Lif – Be Out
Juggaknots – Generally
Ripshop – Shoplif Ft. Mr Lif
Demigodz – Don’t Even Go There
Time Machine – Restop Sweathearts
Algorithm – War at 120 / 80
Equilibrium – Critical Conditions

I am not sure the titles for each track are 100% correct but it should be close enough.