Monday, April 02, 2007

U.B.S tracklist

Yo, here's the tracklist of the Undercover Bananas SpeciaL mix:

Intro Harry Bellafonte "banana boat song
lyrical lunatic "headboppers
chaos "wordlife
ill biskit "beyond understanding
camouflage large "heavyhitters
global platoon "keep your day job
hycelph da supreme child "97 introduction
empty pockets "illusions
heavy sedation "somthinlight
pauly yams dj jams "when i blow up
naughty axe "congo madness
corner 2 corner "corners 2 corporations
brookly zoo "the year 2000
K skills/Dr becket "hitten hardest
example "endless
Bosch "rising suns
live wirez "real niggaz
D vine "fit in to my structure
pauly yams and Dj Jazz "snitches!
public anounsa "deep concentration
Bosch "jezebel
Dr Wes "body parts
camouflage large "regulate
ricci rucker/mike boo "

here's again the link to download it in case you missed it:
Blaze/CSA Undercover Bananas SpeciaL mix

contest is over, big up to you if you did try.
sorry i'm tired, had a busy day, don't have much shit to say except that i'm working on some bananas mix part.2 cause i need a new mix in my mp3 player but don't worry, i'll share this shit with y'all as usual, you know how we do..
Thanks again for the props from worldwide, peace to all the (positive) hip hop heads who visit us in here the "Chicken Matrix"ahah