Friday, December 15, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.5

Ok not much to say this week, there's a new mix so peep it

Shadout - Indy Mix pt.5:

Legend - The Truth
Mr D.Original - What's it all about
Perverted Rym Throwa - Can we get it on
Crooks of the Roundtable - Day By Day
All City - Metro Theme
Funky Dl - 20 20 8 8 Ft. Vesatile E
Technical - Stress
Bloodshot - Blue Black
Scott Lark Da Sensei - It ain't goin down Ft. Jaggid Edge
Finsta Bundy - Don't Stress Tomorrow
J & The Phatman - Keep it Coming Remix
Braindead - Soldier's Story
Arsonists - Halloween
Tragedy - LA LA Iraq Mix Ft. CNN & Mobb Deep
Godfather Don - Piece of the Action
Kool G Rap - Hey Mister
Jay Love - Tagz up
Da Nuthouse - Tagz, throw upz & Pieces Ft. El Da Seinsei & Sak One
Numskullz - If it ain't raw
Double L - D&D
Sir Menelik - At you FT. Ak Skillz & A-Butta


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Relax your mind fellaz..

YO! Sp..p..p..p...SpeciaL delivery y'all!

This time i'm back with a fresh one. It's been a while but you know when it's about droppin'a mix for the CSA, i ain't lazy on the work and most of the time try to do it right and make it sound smooth for your ears! So don't front, cause hours of research, mixin', re-listening.. are at stake right there , just for the love of it.. and guess what? Y'all actually have the chance to download it for free ..word?.. word!.." damn, you lucky bastards!".. ahah (next time beware, we're gonna paypal dis joke)
To get back to the topic, I had access to the record collection of my man X ( known in my neighborhood as Mr "X" The miner) to complete my tracklist. That boy X digs so much he has shares in stockoptions wit those mine companies ahah.. Anyway, we thought it would be cool to share some dope records . Personally, I don't know about the hype of the records, don't check or buy on the e-bay, so when i heard some of the tracks I put in the mix being worth so much money, i was scared to even baby-scratch the bitch ahah Some of you are crazy, for real.. Well, to me it's not about that hype (that some even gets hyper themselves) its about dope tracks only, if it's's dope. Period. A Shaolin monk once told me :"If it's wack but so rare you'd sell ur mama, fuck dat! "
I'd like to give a shout out to (yeah again ahah) :
my CSA Fam, Shadout, Nooferz!
them peeps we did the opening for when they came to Paris as Masta ace, Edo G, K-otix, Zion I, Eyedea & Abilities, Gallapagos 4 etc....... sorry if i forgot some
from France, Hip Hop resistance Fab & Awer, Yasmina's" generation dj's 88.2" back in a days, Supermicro Grems (yeahh), Moudjad, Sept...... Dj nemo , the golden bro Madrias, remo, .. wow too many.. i'll stop now..
The iLL US/CRS/Curatorz possee: State, Wuze, Zyake, Fohat, NusKo......
from Japan: my pretty B-girls Yoshie and Sachie, Mai.. props to Dj Krush -Japan hip hop godfather, muro the ill digga, dj Honda, nujabes..
yo at least y'all got something to read for a while ahah

Click on the link below to download the mix, y'all know the drill :

Dj.BLaze/CSA : Special delivery pt1.. Relax your mind!

Tracklist :

1 "Jazzy chill out" Intro
2 Kingz of swing "the blunted"
3 Atban klann / Black eyed peas "let me get down"
4 Intelligent Hoodlum "street life" return of da life mix
5 Dred scott "check the vibe"
6 Renaissance "twist da cap"
7 Nine "whutcha want"
8 L "relax ur mind"
9 Mr.Voodoo "45 kickin'it live"
10 T-max "relax your mind"
11 Homeliss derilex "critical meltdown"
12 Darksyde "moneycide"
13 Maestro fresh wes/ Showbiz "Fine tune da mic"
14 L "check the flow"
15 Inner souL "it's the right time" rmx and original
16 SOP "aw yeah"
17 K mac ??
18 Sparrow "rhyme impotence"
19 Danja mowf "questions"
20 Nas "world is yours" Dj Honda rmx
21 War Click "bullet for a bullet"

it's cool to see that more and more peeps are appreciating what we do and supporting us,
peace y'all

take care and eat vegetables! (nooferz, jam can't be considered as vegetables, i'm telling you, no way!!)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Y'all know Ron Arstest don't joke when it comes to his own personal greasy bucket. And y'all know he's down with the IM3 aka indy mix pt.3. So beware if you try to fuck with the chicken crew!!!!

Now I promised the part 3 of my independant hiphop mixes and here it is, once again it was a freestyle mix so if you expect fake computerised juggles and multitracked intro scratches get the fuck out of here.

Also it'd be nice to have more comments on those mixes, I mean we been there for like 6 months, dropped around 15 dope mixes and that last mix we post gets just one comment? you guys are cheap! show some love! or ask questions, debate, discuss tracks, you know the drill!

let's go down to business: Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.3

Khromozomez & Infared - Bigger Than That
EdoG - Get it Right Remix
Screwball & P. - HEAT (12" Mix)
Great Deity Dah - Indecent Proposal
Ig Off & Hazardous - On the Air
Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game
Renegade Foxx & Memphis Bleek - Still Hustlin
Killer Seed Squad - Killer Verses
Rezidue - Inner City Blues
Brainsick - Playin For Keeps
Da Fence Men & Krumb Snatcha - Massacre
Half a Mil, Az & Animal - Quiet Money Blood Money
Rubix & Talib Kwely - Millionaires
Saukrates - Stil Caught Up
East Flatbush Project & Live Wire - As The Table Turns
Slum Brothers - The Sure Shot
Mecalicious - How You Feel
Chosen Few - Raw Beauty
Blame One - Another Option
Kosha Dillz - Zone Out
Blueprint - No Half Smoking

Big up to somno for hooking me up with the ronron gif!
Big up to everyone supporting us

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Heavy ammunition part 3

Sup everyone?
here is the part 3 of the heavy ammunition.
One of these days i'll change the name, but right now i'm to lazy to think of anything else

Heavy ammunition part 3

01 - Darcsyde - All about the cash
02 - Jemini - scars and pain
03 - Big Red feat Diamond - How they want it
04 - Ghost - Flip it
05 - Troubleneck brothers - Back to the hip hop
06 - Rumpletilskins - Huds
07 - YG'z - Street niggaz
08 - DSA - Unholy
09 - DBC - Hit the boomz
10 - Prince AD and the Psycho child - Lyrical flavor
11 - Ready to roll - The real hip hop
12 - Powerfull & the hip hop junkies - Street life
13 - The arx - The shop
14 - Cyne - Steady
15 - 5one6 - Dirty little bitch
16 - Q Ball & Curt Cazal - Headz to bedz
17 - Real live - Crime is money
18 - Royal Flush - Rotten apple
19 - Miilkbone - Ghettobiz
20 - Get open - Mad controversy
21 - Tony da skitzoo - Who u talkin to?
22 - Society - FUNK

Big up to the Curatorz / US / CRS click for the visualz
Big up to the CSA members
Big up to you if you download our mixes
and last but not least Big up to Showbiz and AG for making that runaway slaves LP

i'm out

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Heavy ammunition part 2

What's up?

What we have here today is another mix that i did this summer. Basically, it's a mix of indy stuff, some of my favorite tracks that i felt weren't on every mix lately.

Nooferz - Heavy ammunition part 2

01 - People without shoes - Evil for eternity
02 - Citizen Kane - Elements of the mind
03 - Slum brothers - Stop frontin
04 - Big L - Freestyle
05 - Pitch Black - Show & Prove
06 - Krumb Snatcha - Hustlers & Hardcore
07 - Bas Blasta - Dangerous
08 - Mental Illness - Amazin's not playing
09 - Brainwash 2000 - Break it down
10 - Ground Floor feat Lord Finesse - Dig on that
11 - Jakki tha mottamouth feat Copywrite - Widespread
12 - BMX - Microphone microphone
13 - Smoothe da hustler feat Trigger da gambler - My brother my ace
14 - Trigga - No tomorrow
15 - Hard 2 Obtain - LI groove
16 - Group home feat Brainsick - East NY theory
17 - N'tense - My brother's keeper
18 - Droopy Eye Crew - Anybody
19 - Nitty Gritty - Tru grain

I hope you will dig it

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maple syrup flavor chicken wingzerz

Sup y all!

This new mix is canadian only

I got my bags packed, check, i got my boots strapped, check, i got my buds of joy and my budda sack, check

Nooferz - Mapple sirup flavor chicken wingzerz

01 - Rascalz - Soul obligation
02 - Choclair - What it takes remix
03 - Ghetto Concept - Certified remix
04 - Saukrates, Kardinal Offishal & Choclair - Werdz
05 - Brasstack - Hidden in sight, hidden insight
06 - Frankenstein & Choclair - So I
07 - Branded Black - Check the mic
08 - Kardinal Offichal - Naugthy dread remix
09 - Diemen X - Contaminate
10 - Grassroots - Price of livin
11 - Saukrates - Still caught up
12 - Sic Sense - Positionnal bypass
13 - Thrust - Rage remix
14 - Frankenstein feat Luminous - Quiet storm
15 - Donw to erf - Learn to earn
16 - Citizen Kane - Black rain
17 - NON Equation - Transparent
18 - Black I - No laws
19 - Concrete Mob - Boiling point
20 - Point Blank - Startin shit
21 - Maestro Fresh Wes feat Gauge - Pray to da east part 2
22 - Obscure Disorder - Lyrically exposed part 2
23 - Mecca 2 Medina - Trust me
24 - Checkmate - Highlife

until next time

c ya!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.4

What's up!
It's been a while but I think it was worth the wait. Now this mix is super fat, fatter than a 12 year old eating buckets for breakfast! Tighter than biggie, big pun, fat joe and Shaq in a beattle!
I know I know it's part 4 and there is no 3 on here, I don't know what's up with me and those mix numbers, I was so sure I droped the part 3 already, anyway it'll drop sometime, it's in my mix stock right now.

Indy Mix Pt.4:

Mr Motown & Mr Bloody - Thugs Paradise
Cream Team - Basically
Digamaz - Demo (Remix)
Brainwash 2000 - King of Demos
J-Force - Bull's Eye
Drama Klub - Hear No Evil
NSV - Time Is Tragic
Cover - Underground Flow (Remix)
Wise Eyez - Deadly But Calm
Persevere - Anger
Blackstract - Streets
Bee Why - Reality
Hollow Point - Clickz Like Gunz
Group Home - Express
Brainsick Mob - Rock A Show
Tung Twista - Suicide Ft. InfaRed
Company Flow - Vital Nerve
Down & Dirty Tribe - Atrocities of A Thug
Sparrow The Movement - Inheritance
Problem Solver - Drug Dealz
Concrete Click Where You At
Most Desh - Hiphop Is Livin

Big up to the Diga Diga! CynoSp.One aka Atomika! Lib.K! AdZiakRenegaZ!

Aight let me know what you think of this one, and we'll be back after the hollydays for more greasy flavor

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summertime Wadeness

Sup yall?
There is a lot to celebrate right now, with the summer comming and the Heats' and Wade's first NBA title.
So, in order to do this correctly, i'd like to offer you the second part of that laid back mix that we posted a few weeks ago
This one is called the "95erz laid back" and was mixed by Blaze and myself a year ago, so we would have something to listen to while going on holidays or simply while cruising on the champs elysées

1 - Brainsick mob - Swerving to the music
2 - Biggie feat Jay-Z - I love the dough
3 - Almighty RSO - Sanity
4 - Bodysnatchaz - On a sunday
5 - The Mexakinz - Extraseason remix
6 - Rhyme Valor - These are the days
7 - Biggie - Hypnotize
8 - Miilkbone - Where the party at remix
9 - Mad Skillz - Move ya body
10 - Shabaam Sadeeq - Side 2 side
11 - Medaphoar - Can't hold back
12 - Hi tech - Book of life
13 - Big L - MVP summersmooth remix
14 - Mad Skillz - Get your groove on
15 - L Swift - How itz going down
16 - Major stress - More and more
17 - Kriss Kross - Tonight's da night
18 - Lethal - Guess who's back
19 - La the Darkman - I want it all
20 - Foundation & Rezidue - Boogie down got the flavor
21 - Rasheed feat Mr Eon - The life I live
22 - Funkdoobiest - Rock on
23 - Triflicts - Don't make me try
24 - Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

CSA - 95erz Laid Back

So enjoy the summer, I know i will after a long Montreal winter

C ya soon for more!



PS : Shout out to Ben & the breton crew for making us listen to MED and Mexakinz about 100 times per day for 1 week!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chicken WinGZ mix

Whuttup y'all !
I know some peeps were asking me when I will drop another mix, so for all those who were waiting and maybe checking out the site, sorry for dis!
But today, i'm back with a dope one, with some phat tracks I like to listen to. So you better like it cause it might be the last one, you never know..!
peace to all the friends and artists i met, performed or smoked with aha
also props to my man nooferz in Canada, the germans for the world cup, Japan for the ill technology, England for the chicken fish and chips shit, and to my girl Erica from the United States of America ahah.. yes that's our home blog and, we can talk mad shit! So what?! .. and to all the haterz out there.. F... y'all !

click to download :

Dj.BLaze Chicken WinGZ Mix

1 Society "yes'n'deed"
2 Soul survivor "in god we trust"
3 low lives "ill rhymes"
4 emar "death"
5 mad skillz "the nod factor"
6 brainsick "time to shine"
7 Q.Ball and Curt Cazal "break it down"
8 da youngstaz "i'll make you famous"rmx
9 natural mystics "how it go" rmx
10 LPSD "back at ya"
11 cormega "one love"
12 cover "time is running out"
13 shamus "neva dream"
14 raiderman "magnetic"
15 roughneck soldiers "kill or be killed"
16 major stress " a day in da stuy"
17 mannish "mannish"
18 slomo "hip hop can't stop"
19 mass confusion "state your name.."
20 big scoob "niggaz can't hang"
21 fat joe "flow joe"
22 hi tech "24/7"
23 da naba hood threat "mind tricks"
24 soul kid klik "desperate times"
25 mc gruff "harlem kids get biz"
26 company flow 'people are shady"
27 black moon "reality, killing every.."
28 sacred hoop "service and maintenace"

... i'm out. peace

Blaze for CSA..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On some secret shit!

Yo wassup peeps, I know it's been a long time since the last update, hopefully we will be soon able to drop mix more regularly.
So this week I have a secret freestyle mix, basicly I took random records out of the crates and mixed em one shot.
I don't even remember what's on this one, I know there is a track from Nine, one from the Natural Elements, G Rap and Mf Grimm, Krumbsnatcha, etc. anyway it's gonna be your job to try and find out what's on this one. If you do then you win, well nothing really, but that would be cool anyway.

Shadout - Secret Mix

Aight, so right now I know my man Blaze is working on a tight mix, with fat, and when I say fat I mean KFC fat, fat indies. This should be a dope one.

Peace to my man Wuze one for the dope CSA logo and to my man State for the ill CSA graffs!
Till next time, I'm out!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mailling list

Hello everybody
since the updates are not made on a regular basis (and because of some feedback we had), we decided to put together a mailling list. The goal of this mailling list is to inform you when a new update comes or if there is a special event (right now there are no such things planned, but you never know, maybe one day we will sell CSA shirts or AF1 and we will want to share this with you).
So anyway, if you are interested in this, send me a mail Nooferz and write something like i want to be in this mailling list as the object of the mail.
Now don't worry, we are not going to spam you or sell your e mail adress to major companies so they can try and sell you the new 50 cent 12".

Till next time, I'm out

Monday, May 01, 2006

90BPM Mix Part 1

Ok so I fucked up last week and missed an update, but this gave you more time to chill to this laid back tape from Dj Blaze.
Anyway, right now I can't even check my records because I just moved out and they're all packed in bags and boxes, it's a big mess. Anyway I'll try to get those back in order asap so I can bring some fresh mixes but right now I got to hook you up with some old-ish.
So this mix, I did it maybee in 2002 for this french website called 90bpm, and it's the first time it's available on mp3 so I hope you like it.

Shadout Mapes - 90Bpm Mix

Hug - Fuckin With Hug
Mr D Original - Now U Da Man
Non Phixion - 4Ws
Dutchmin – Get Your Swerve On (extented Mix)
Krumb Snatcha – Remarquable
Third Sight – Ballsacks
Dr Octagon – Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
Quasimoto – Am I confused
Onry Ozbourn – Sidewalks End
Frankenstein – The Projects
Company Flow – Corners 94
Mr Lif – Be Out
Juggaknots – Generally
Ripshop – Shoplif Ft. Mr Lif
Demigodz – Don’t Even Go There
Time Machine – Restop Sweathearts
Algorithm – War at 120 / 80
Equilibrium – Critical Conditions

I am not sure the titles for each track are 100% correct but it should be close enough.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Laid Back vol1

Sup y'all.. dis week you got that "laid back vol.1" mixtape, it's one of the first mixtape I mixed for the csa cars and friend's, maybe 3 years ago.. So a few probably have it..I remember me was quite wasted when i was mixing this one shot live mix, i was more feelin' it than mixing it ahah I didn't really check the volume but don't worry, it's still all right.
Me and shadout went back to Amsterdam moving out some records (thousands of records !! ) and he found that tape that I lost a while back, so here you go.. If you like it, thanks shadout for that, cause that tape was officially lost
I'll try to prepare some nice indy mix next time, so don't sleep on the CSA click cause we still bring you some dope hip hop flavour even if we are abroad

peace to all the hip hop heads over here who are checking out that site and supporting us , from L.A to Tokyo Japan.. !
Support the Chicken scratch addicT ! .. free of charge ahah

Dj.BLaze CSA "Laid back Vol.1" gova tape

Paw Dukes – Amazin
Large Pro – Just Wanna Chill
Mic Geronimo – Wherever you are
Que D
Natural Ressource – Bum Deals
AK Skillz – Check The Flava
Big Kwam – I don’t Give a Whut
N-Tyce – Sure Ya Right Remix
Ador – Kid’s Crazy
Nomads – The Ultimate
Bush Babies – Get Love ft. Mos Def
Equilibrium – Do That
Jungle Brown – I Got The World Spinin
Akyniele – No Exit
Black Attack – My Crown
Scientifik – Jungle Of The East
Jay Z – Dead Presidents
City Side Crew – KALI
Livewire – Fast Lane

ps: peace to my man WuZe representing the US/CRS/CuratorZ click!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.1

Ok, This was a busy week so I didn't have time to do a new mix, so I'll Hit you with an old one. It's the first Indy mix, I posted part 2 a few weeks back and it's time for the part 1.
Unfortunately, I didn't write down the tracklist and I don't even have the time to go and check the exact title of each track, but I think you should be able to find out by yourselves.
This mix was done a while back and is 100% freestyle so it's not always super smooth, but the tracks are dope so I guess it's still a good one.

Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.1:

Cryptic One -
Adagio - The Obvious
Powerule -
Natural Mystics -
Kismet -
Mike Control -
Sabac - Speak Militant
The Professionals - Seat Back Relax
Raidermen - Top Dollars
pitch Black -
Mos Desh - Microphone Enhancer Ft. LPSD
Ranhjaz - Street Life Remix
Candy Store - Escape From Belize
Powerule - Dawn To Dusk
Trends Of Culture - Off And On Remix
Nas - Understanding
Muro - Remix Ft. Lord Finesse & AG
J Live - Longevity Remix
2 Face - NYC
Parrallax - Don't Mean Jax

Aight, thanks for checking this out!
Till next time, I'm out!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Disciples Of The 36th Chamber

Damn this mix was on the shelves for so long. It was supposed to be the first mixtape as a CSA crew collective effort. It was like 2 years ago now. For some reason we slept on it and never released it, so now you can hear it for free and we will pass on the millions it should have earned us.
Ok, so you've guessed it already it's a Wu Related mix. You can't front on the clan! We got some of the best underground Wu Tang shit on this mix, and some hard to find remixes and shit like that.

CSA Crew - Disciples Of The 36th Chamber!

N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip
Pop da Brown Hornet – Let Go The Lap
DSA - Uncontrollable ft. Kendu, Hope, DJ, Isham & A. Quinn
Royal Fam – I Declare War
Ruthless Bastards – Ruthless Bastards
Gravediggaz – Suicide (Remix)
Shabbaz the Disciple – Death Be the Penalty
Remedy – Seen It All
Buddha Monk - Gots Like Come On Thru ft. Br'klyn Zu
L.A. The Darkman – I Want It All (Remix)
DSA – Lock Shit Down
Now Born Clik – Movin
Killarmy – Wake Up
Wu Allstars – Soul In The Hole
Sunz Of Man - Soldiers Of Darkness
Real Live - Real Live Shit Remix ft. Larry-O, Ghostface killah, Cappadonna, Lord tariq & Killa Sin
KGB – Bless Ya Life
Shyheim – One’s 4 Da Money (Remix)
Method Man – Method Man (Remix)
Gravediggaz – Freak The Sorceress
Deadly Venom – Bomb Threat ft. Wu Tang
Ill Knob – Beautifull Thing

Aight! Now I gotta big up the real shaolin disciples who gave us these pictures. If you're in the Paris area and are interested in in knowing more about the Shaolin Kung fu, philosophy and culture, go check out Master Zong Hong's Shaolin School website. And don't front on him either cause he'll kick your ass, no doubt!

Now the real question is, who would win in a fight?
Jack Bauer? or the Shaolin Master?
Let's debate!


Sunday, March 26, 2006

FeeL the Vibe

The following took place between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm..

I got a call from Jack, he sounded mad stressed, so i was like yo whuttup papy! Still hunting terrorists and shit? he was like yo BLaze, we need to meet fo'real, in a secured place, is that cool? I was like yo ok man no problem, meet me at the chicken palace in 2 hours.. When he got here i knew something was wrong..damn Jack.. After showing off with his new bulletproof pda and shit, he told me the reason why he came : "I'm sorry for asking you this, but I need you to give me all the C.S.A mixtapes that you got, NOW! " So I asked why.. mothafucka tried to bullshit me with some classified national security type of shit! I said fuck you Jack! No more CSA tapes for you, get the fuck out of here! So when i was driving him back to the airport, he started crying like a bitch! But no way i could think he would beg for it ahah So i just gave it up, also thinking i was lucky he did not put 2 bullets in my head instead..

So if you want that access clearance on my mixtape too, just download it here to your service
Dj BLaze,CSA
FeeL the Vibe mixtape


1 shamus "big willie style"
2 nas feat.lauryn hill "if i ruled the world"
3 dj honda tariq,problems,black attack.. "on the mic"
4 natural elements "second hand smoke"
5 brainsick feat. group home "east ny theory" (Remix)
6 Tableek "worsse way"
7 binary star "the binary shuffle"
8 mad skillZ "move ya body"
9 milkbone "where'z da'party at?"
10 da bush babees "we run things" (it's like dat)
11 A tribe called quest "find a way"
12 feat.tony bones "hunger strike"
13 Ador " the kid is crazy"
14 Key kooL "can you hear it"
15 nice and smooth "blunts"
16 Black star "K.O.S"
17 A.L "lyrics"
18 triflicts "don't make me try"
19 SOS "no diggedy"
20 ground floor "one, two"
21 nonchalant "until the day"

and if you don't know about Jack.. well, he's just the most dangerous man on earth. Even if you kill him, he will come back to fuck you up ahah he even bitchslapped steven seagal, true story...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Heavy ammunition so I don't have to dip...

Sup' y'all
This week, it's my time to hit you with another phat ass mix.
Now this mix is not your average type of mix, this one comes fully loaded with these indy joints that you know we fiend for.

Nooferz - Heavy Ammunition

Frankenstein - All hands
Ghetto Concept - EZ on tha motion
Fondation & Rezidue - Boogie Down got the flavor
Rasheed feat Mr Eon - The life i live
Parallax - Bleeding hate
Camouflage Large - Cocbacda9
Main One feat OC - Droppin gramma
Hi Tech & J-Treds - Weak minds
Shadez Of Brooklyn - When it rains it pours
Down & Dirty Tribe - Inna cipher
Shyheim - This is real remix
Tragedy feat Mobb Deep - Judas theory
Soul Kid Klick - Mortal kombat
Gauge feat Cella Dwellas - Cranium
Money Boss Players - Games
Mental Supreme - Talkin mad shit
East Flatbush Project feat Esteem - Can't hold it back
Hatchetmen - Black smoke
BBO Enterprise - Dayz like this
Pop Megga - Ghetto news
Shamus - Try 2 c loot
Mr D Original - Absolutely
Kukoo Da Bagga Bones - Politics

This time it comes as a zip file since there is a different track for each song, if you can't open the file, you need to download winrar or 7zip.

I did this mix a while ago, I think about a couple of years ago, unfortunately for me, and you, right now, I don't have access to my 1200' (something to do with fucked up clearance code or whatever), so I hit y'all with an old mix. Hope you will like it as it will be the last one I post until this summer.

To quote J-Rocc the funky president once again, if you ain't feelin' it, I don't even know what's wroooooong wit you.

This being said, you know what you gotta do
"now pop the tape in your deck
I got the Heavy Ammunition cuz I'm Flexi Wit Da Tech"


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.2

Aight, new week, new mix!
This week the mix is mainly independant releases, be sure to check out that Lastrawze joint, I can't beleive this has been under the radar for so long, it's super dope!
Also It's already part 2 when part 1 hasn't even been posted yet, that's because I did part 1 a long time ago, and I'll probably post it when I'm too busy to do a new mix, but right now I need to have new mixes for my mp3 player.

Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.2:

Laswunzout – Just To Be Famous
People Without Shoes – Nappyhead Assasin
Prince Poetry – Shine
Just Shawn – Just For A Look
Mecca 2 Medina – Trust Me (Remix)
Missin Linx – Sametime
Mobb Deep – World War III
Illmental Vision – Don’t Tess
Tony Da Skitzo – Livin Life On Da Edge
BBO – Beat Of The Day
Tha Riot – Kontak
Lastrawze – Sneak Peek
M.Slash – Feel It
Finsta Bundy – Supernova
NY Confidential – Backstabbed
Raidermen – Aggressive Behavior
Special Ed – Think Twice
Grav Ft. Al’ Tariq & lil Ray – City To City
Quiet Mob – Red Light Green Light
Reflexions – This Could Be The Day
Diezzel Don & The Governer – So now You Know
Numskullz - Decapitators

All right, now post some fuckin comments if you like this one, discuss the tracks, chicken receipes or wathever. And like BBO said "if you sleepin on us, you be dreamin a lot!"

Till next time, I'm out!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Spicy Variety BuckeT , B.I.G FlavouR..

Sup y'all ! Here's for you another "Chicken Scratch Addict" mixtape!
Right now, the three of us are not even living in the same country, so we also share music between us and for all the peeps we know around the world. We're not here to save the industry or to put out the Best mixtapes ever on this planet ahah, just sharing some shit that we like, and let other people download if they feel like it, for free! So now you're asking yourself, "ok but why is he talking so much shit ...?" That's simple, you can make some donations if you really like hiphop, supporting us is also supporting the true values of hiphop, so if you're a real hiphop head ,you know what to do now... Make us rich! ahah just playing around, don't go away!!
Since we have no idea of how many people that actually have downloaded those mixes, just let us know if you did by posting in the comment section (you really don't have to write a lot). So we can evaluate and make complex calculations to see if we will keep on putting stuff as often as we did during these past 3 weeks..
thanks for reading all these..
here's the tracklist of this week mix :

1 The notorious B.I.G feat. Jay-Z and Angela Winbush "I love the dough"
2 Biggie "going back to Cali"
3 Sylvia Striplin "you can't turn me away"
4 Junior mafia "get money"
5 H-alpert "rise"
6 Biggie "hypnotize"
7 B.I.G "one more chance"
8 Mtume "juicy"
9 BIG "juicy"
10 Yvette Michelle "everyday and everynight"
11 yvette michelle "i'm not feelin you"
12 the Almighty RSO feat. D-ruff "Sanity"
13 Borne "the quest"
14 Corrupt Empire "Jersey get yours"
15 Pharcyde "drop"
16 Pharcyde " Runnin'
17 Biggie "gimme the loot"
18 Fred Wesley "Up for the down stroke"
19 BiG "Machine gun funk"
20 Danja Mowf- Mad skillZ "Mowf of madness"
21 Biggie "things done changed"
22 Flipside Magicians " Cast a deadly spell"
23 Paula Perry "extra, extra"
24 Redman "supamanlova"
25 OC feat. yvette michelle "far from yours"
26 I-Brothers "between the sheets"
27 biggie small "big poppa"
28 Jay-Z "Feelin'it"
29 OrfinZ "since you wanna be down"

you can download Spicy Variety Bucket, Biggie Flavour.. mixed by Dj.BLaze CSA

Support the "Chicken Scratch AddicT" , we won't charge you !
hope you like it.. fuck it if you don't ahah


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Megaupload Tutorial

Ok peeps, so it seems that megaupload is a pain in the ass, and we've been having feedback from people who don't understand how it works. So let me break it down for you, it's very easy once you know the trick.

So Here you can see the counter. You have to wait like 45 seconds before your download can start, so you wait.

Then, and here is were everybody gets lost, a fuckin ad just pops up in front of the box you have to clik to download the file.
Just clik the x like shown in the picture to get rid of this ad. Don't worry your computer will not explode or be invaded by aliens.

Ok so now you just have to clik the box that says "click here to download".

And now you have the usual box that appears everytime you download a file. If you don't know what to do at this point, my only advice is to throw your computer away and ask a friend to put all those files on tape, you probably don't know what a mp3 is anyway.

Ok, I hope this helps, right now we think megaupload is the best way to share files across the internet, obviously if we find a better place to upload files we will use it.

And don't forget to post comments and discuss the mixes and tracks you liked or didn't like.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jazzy Mix Online

Yeah the Chicken Scratch Addicts are back, this week with a fresh jazzy mix. Now the few of you who might already know me will think that's it's not really my style of records, but that's how we do it. We gonna bring a lot of different vibes, and this time it's a mix to relax to and chill.

  • Shadout- Jazzy Mix :

  • L - How We Do
    Adagio! - 20 Cents (A Tale of 2 Dimes)
    Pumpkinhead - Jukebox
    Kaotic Style - Player
    Mood - Secrets of the Sand Remix
    Largre Pro - Dancing Girl
    Ill Mentality - Lovin U 4 Dayz (Nick Wiz Mix)
    Science of Sound - No Diggety
    Ill Biskits - Gos Bless Your Life
    Concrete Click - Keep It Street
    Raw Produce - Tried and True
    Q.Ball & Curt Cazal - Makin' Moves
    De La Soul - Stakes Is High Remix
    El Da Sensei - So...
    Lil Brother - Feelin Alright Remix
    J-Live - Brand Nu Live Remix
    DNA - Nowhere to Run
    Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime Remix
    Rondo & Crazy Rak - No Justice No Peace
    Nujabes Ft. Substantial & Pase ROck - Blessing It Remix
    Ghetto Concept - E-Z on the Motion
    No ID - Sky's the Limit
    The Ghetto Children - Equilibrium

    I hope you enjoy it, let us know what you think in the comment section. Till next time!

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    Mixtape RER C online

    Sup' y'all
    In order to celebrate the creation of the Chicken Scratch Addict blog, here's a little mix for y'all to enjoy while riding the train
    It's mixed by myself, here's a tracklist :

    01 - Show & AG - Soul clap
    02 - Jaz feat Jay-Z - Just that simple
    03 - Chi Ali - Funky lemonade
    04 - Fu Schnickens feat Shaq - What's up doc?
    05 - Original flavor feat Jay Z - Can i get open
    06 - Organized Konfusion feat OC - Fudge pudge
    07 - Ultramagnetic mc's - Poppa large east cost mix
    08 - Jam - Soul searchin' remix
    09 - Hi tech - 4 degrees for the street
    10 - Street connect - Rollin over you
    11 - Creative feat Hi tech - the presentation remix
    12 - SOP - Bok bok
    13 - Whoridas - Shot callin & Big ballin
    14 - Street connect - All up in the game
    15 - Company flow - Juvenile technique
    16 - Channel live - Mad izm buckwild mix
    17 - Jemini - Funk soul sensation
    18 - SOP - Styles
    19 - Jemini - Can't stop rockin
    20 - Slomo - hiphop can't stop
    21 - Rubbabandz - Purple rain
    22 - Jaz feat Jay Z - The originators
    23 - Jaz B Lat'n - Check your system
    24 - Chrome rebel dynasty - Escape from Irak
    25 - Jaz B Lat'n - Set it off
    26 - Sunz of men - Bloody choices
    27 - Big L - You know what i'm about
    28 - Mad dramma - Split personnalities

    here's the link :
  • Mix RER C

  • We will be back with more flavor so bookmark this bitch

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    Chicken Scratch Addict in da house