Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chicken WinGZ mix

Whuttup y'all !
I know some peeps were asking me when I will drop another mix, so for all those who were waiting and maybe checking out the site, sorry for dis!
But today, i'm back with a dope one, with some phat tracks I like to listen to. So you better like it cause it might be the last one, you never know..!
peace to all the friends and artists i met, performed or smoked with aha
also props to my man nooferz in Canada, the germans for the world cup, Japan for the ill technology, England for the chicken fish and chips shit, and to my girl Erica from the United States of America ahah.. yes that's our home blog and, we can talk mad shit! So what?! .. and to all the haterz out there.. F... y'all !

click to download :

Dj.BLaze Chicken WinGZ Mix

1 Society "yes'n'deed"
2 Soul survivor "in god we trust"
3 low lives "ill rhymes"
4 emar "death"
5 mad skillz "the nod factor"
6 brainsick "time to shine"
7 Q.Ball and Curt Cazal "break it down"
8 da youngstaz "i'll make you famous"rmx
9 natural mystics "how it go" rmx
10 LPSD "back at ya"
11 cormega "one love"
12 cover "time is running out"
13 shamus "neva dream"
14 raiderman "magnetic"
15 roughneck soldiers "kill or be killed"
16 major stress " a day in da stuy"
17 mannish "mannish"
18 slomo "hip hop can't stop"
19 mass confusion "state your name.."
20 big scoob "niggaz can't hang"
21 fat joe "flow joe"
22 hi tech "24/7"
23 da naba hood threat "mind tricks"
24 soul kid klik "desperate times"
25 mc gruff "harlem kids get biz"
26 company flow 'people are shady"
27 black moon "reality, killing every.."
28 sacred hoop "service and maintenace"

... i'm out. peace

Blaze for CSA..


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

I'm listenning to the mix right now, that's a fresh one for sure!
love your intro, blaze is chillin, what more can i say? Top billin!

Btw, you forgot one, before the low lives, there is that soul survivor joint, in god we trust

Anonymous said...

good looking nooferz. Fixed..

Anonymous said...

mad props for another ill mix ma man.

but PLEASE dont stop them comming? CSA is like manna for my musical soul, like fish for my chips,gravy for my source... ya get the picture ;)

you guys ever thought about sellin any of these?
i know a few spots that would release em.


Anonymous said...

ahah heyyo thanks stilts.. props to you if you liked it!
we'll try to drop some other mixes,it's not like we don't want to, but it just takes time to do man.
and if you got great deals to propose, contact my man Shadout.
But for now, we just drop them like this.. just spread the csa virus if you enjoy those mixes by giving the address site to all the peeps you know who might like it and that's it!
by the way, there are some phat tracks in the mix.. !! stuff i haven't listened to for a while!

Gourou said...

Rhooo, le niveau atteint avec ce mix.......
L'intro est tout simplement royale, et le son est super calé, un mix de la mort.
Vous êtes les rois du HIPHOP les mecs !!!

Message from Paris :)

shadout said...

les rois du hiphop carrément, lol

anyway, about sellin mixtapes, I put out 2 mix in the stores a tape and a cd, and honestly it's a pain in the ass for nothing, i'd rather give it for free to the real people who like it, than try to sell it in the stores, wait 2 months to get my cds from the factory and then hustle my cds in the stores for 6 months and have them store owners make more money off my cd than I do when I did all the work, plus here we can just do anything we like, when we like and drop it on the site directly.

Anonymous said...

ahah cimer gourou, qd même pas les rois mec, ça reste de l'internet!
c'est cool si t'as kiffé le mix, fais le tourner si tu peux

The Meat Don said...

whoa this mix is off the meatrack homies, pure dopeness


spagiarixxx said...

yoyoyo plz chicka Pizza mix with Digamaz 12" hehehe

Luvydub said...

Yo my name is C.Love. I am a part of the group the Natural Mystics. Im seeing alot of references to our old singles from back in the day. I got a new solo project out. The Natural Mystics is recording an albun this summer. Listen to it at Composer clyne is on it also

Luvydub said...

You can contact charms(C.LOVE) at