Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On some secret shit!

Yo wassup peeps, I know it's been a long time since the last update, hopefully we will be soon able to drop mix more regularly.
So this week I have a secret freestyle mix, basicly I took random records out of the crates and mixed em one shot.
I don't even remember what's on this one, I know there is a track from Nine, one from the Natural Elements, G Rap and Mf Grimm, Krumbsnatcha, etc. anyway it's gonna be your job to try and find out what's on this one. If you do then you win, well nothing really, but that would be cool anyway.

Shadout - Secret Mix

Aight, so right now I know my man Blaze is working on a tight mix, with fat, and when I say fat I mean KFC fat, fat indies. This should be a dope one.

Peace to my man Wuze one for the dope CSA logo and to my man State for the ill CSA graffs!
Till next time, I'm out!


Anonymous said...

nice one, been feinding for a new CSA mix!!

havoc said...

first of all i would like to thank the whole CSA clik for bringin some nice stuff of rap music

okay, i know here are a lotta "disciples" of the hip hop culture, but we need to question this object hip hop as shouted out by KRS 1.

check this link here out:


we all know the 5percent nation, as well the NOI. Malcolm X (malik al hajj al shabazz) used to be a member of them and later turned to sunni islam or whatever.

islam for itself is a problem (like any other religion)....but thats another topic. i try to focus on so called nation of islam. now who used to be a member; chuck d, paris even ice cube.

and what about the 5 percent nation? black man is god and so on??? even ODB was in it, but drank beer like fish and did on some other drug shit.

this is controversial right here (for myself); i love this type of music (so called underground hip hop and gangster music) but they are racists, they are criminals, they have limited knowledge....where are the intellectual mcs out there who kick some real shit....i am speechless.....thats hip hop a group of nigg*** from all the same bench in QB?????

Anonymous said...

Super Mix comme d'habitude, du pure son !!!

Message from Paris :)

havoc said...

yo maybe someone is able to give a playlist out....relatin to minutes....coz i dont know every artist on this mixtape...that would be great

and folks...try to respond to my earlier message....i would like to have a discussion about it...thx

Gourou said...

Minute 52, it is E rule : Listen Up, excelent music.

Message from paris :)

havoc said...

min. 15:
i.g. off and hazadous - "this aint livin"

min. 56:
tragedy khadafi - "street life"

min. 59: nine - "whutcha want"

about some tracks i am just guessin

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

i'll try to make a tracklist of this tape

Havoc, concerning your previous post, i watched the video, i was a little chocked, but i don't want to get into politics, but you can if feel like it

i think that music is entairtainment, if a guy talk about dealing drugs shooting people and bitches, i look at it like i would look at a movie, i don't rely on rappers or movies to learn and to make my choices


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

1. Kool g rap feat B one & mf grimm -
2. Krumbsnatcha - gettin closer to god
3. KOtix - questions
4. don't remember the name
5. secret one ahah ask shadout for this one
6. don't remember
7. scringer ? - my word
8. Shadyville all stars - nowadays
9. milano?
12. Citizen kane - remembrance day
13.al tariq
14. ??
15. Dutchmin - get your swerve on
16. ground floor - one two
17. erule - listen up
18. intelligent hoodlum - street life
19. nine - watchu want
20. natural elements - second hand smoke
21. timemachine

btw i'm looking for that erule joint, let me know if someone has a spare copy!

havoc said...

ahaight nooferz, first of all thanks for your work on completin the track list...thumb up

i know, its like entertainment, but most of the rappers use it to throw out their propaganda. one year ago i was on a brand nubian concert and i have to say that i am from the eastern part of germany (dresden), so there arent so many coloured ppl around. but how stupid must they crowd be when sadat x turns on a live recording on elijah muhammad about the explaining of white man being devil (5 percenter theory).....and all the crowd was like "yeh go on sadat, u da man" coz it was underlied with a nice arabian hook....whateva

i wished i could have a personal talk to these guys, but one year ago i was too ashamed to speak to shabazz the disciple about those issues....maybe he was mad high or drunk or whateva

maybe ill have the chance again somewhere

shadout said...

4- germ it's useless ft. lin que & Finsta
6- IG off & Hazardous

14- dead poets society

Anonymous said...

its a conundrom, but the beats are sick and the rhymes are rythems upon them selves.

if i led my life with my belifs pure, i wouldnt be able to by a dcent pair of kicks, yet alone vinyl!!

(rape the planet and everything upon it to make a buck)

dope mix again shadout, props.

i habe an og of that e-rule 12" i'll keep my eye out for another copy noofers.


spagiarixxx said...

chickenz pizza miiiix plzzzzzz
coco codekz spagz

Kenobi said...

real dope shit!!!

one love...and big up to the chicken scratch crew!!

greez goes out from switzerland! peace