Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summertime Wadeness

Sup yall?
There is a lot to celebrate right now, with the summer comming and the Heats' and Wade's first NBA title.
So, in order to do this correctly, i'd like to offer you the second part of that laid back mix that we posted a few weeks ago
This one is called the "95erz laid back" and was mixed by Blaze and myself a year ago, so we would have something to listen to while going on holidays or simply while cruising on the champs elysées

1 - Brainsick mob - Swerving to the music
2 - Biggie feat Jay-Z - I love the dough
3 - Almighty RSO - Sanity
4 - Bodysnatchaz - On a sunday
5 - The Mexakinz - Extraseason remix
6 - Rhyme Valor - These are the days
7 - Biggie - Hypnotize
8 - Miilkbone - Where the party at remix
9 - Mad Skillz - Move ya body
10 - Shabaam Sadeeq - Side 2 side
11 - Medaphoar - Can't hold back
12 - Hi tech - Book of life
13 - Big L - MVP summersmooth remix
14 - Mad Skillz - Get your groove on
15 - L Swift - How itz going down
16 - Major stress - More and more
17 - Kriss Kross - Tonight's da night
18 - Lethal - Guess who's back
19 - La the Darkman - I want it all
20 - Foundation & Rezidue - Boogie down got the flavor
21 - Rasheed feat Mr Eon - The life I live
22 - Funkdoobiest - Rock on
23 - Triflicts - Don't make me try
24 - Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

CSA - 95erz Laid Back

So enjoy the summer, I know i will after a long Montreal winter

C ya soon for more!



PS : Shout out to Ben & the breton crew for making us listen to MED and Mexakinz about 100 times per day for 1 week!


Gourou said...

Rhooooo, GG les mecs, quelques classiques, le reste totalement Underground pour moi, le tout sur piste separer, la total :)

Message from Paris :)

Anonymous said...

nice one, thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice again stricly classics from the underground!!!!!

aurelio aka consciousdj

havoc said... are so fast with uploadin new mixes. everytime i check my email account, i found a new message from chickenscratchaddict.

one mix per month or 2 months is strictly enough. i wasnt even "done" to enjoy the last mix (chicken wingz mix). so u gots to chill!

but this mix is really laid back....but wademadness????....hell no...although nowitzki didnt made it, hes my man...da german wunderkind, dirkster, dirkules!

and big up for the france soccer team....

message from dresden, germany!

PS: i listen on and on to the wu-fam allstars mix! thís one is a real jewel.

shadout said...

what's up havoc, here we're miami fans since the days of steve smith, rony seikaly and glen rice, so now that we have D.Wade daaaaamnnnn, Dirk is a great player no doubt and he probably should have been mvp, but the heat man the heaaaaaatttt!!

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

I know Blaze had drop a mix like a week ago, but i was so happy the Heat won that I wanted to post something

Like shadout said, Nowitzki is a great player, a top 5 player, no doubt, but right now, Wade is n°1 for me, watching this guy play is like watching the next level of baketball

i guess we will have the same discussion if the final is Germany - France

spagiarixxx said...

biguuuuuuuuuuup a CHICKA PIZZA mix with diga 12" plzzzz

erwin said...

du bon du bon du très bon
merçi beaucoup pour tout ce que vous faites, pour tout le bien que vous faites à mes oreilles, en leurs nom je vous remerçie!!! (sur le blog vous trouverez les archives de l'émission de radio).


Anonymous said...

this is a good one to play in your car! it was made in order to have something nice while driving a short or long distance, but i really prefer the one version without those seperate files..and you know it noof!
hope you liked it, or at least try it in your car. that L-swift joint can make the clouds disappear ahah just like dat! true story