Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summertime Wadeness

Sup yall?
There is a lot to celebrate right now, with the summer comming and the Heats' and Wade's first NBA title.
So, in order to do this correctly, i'd like to offer you the second part of that laid back mix that we posted a few weeks ago
This one is called the "95erz laid back" and was mixed by Blaze and myself a year ago, so we would have something to listen to while going on holidays or simply while cruising on the champs elysées

1 - Brainsick mob - Swerving to the music
2 - Biggie feat Jay-Z - I love the dough
3 - Almighty RSO - Sanity
4 - Bodysnatchaz - On a sunday
5 - The Mexakinz - Extraseason remix
6 - Rhyme Valor - These are the days
7 - Biggie - Hypnotize
8 - Miilkbone - Where the party at remix
9 - Mad Skillz - Move ya body
10 - Shabaam Sadeeq - Side 2 side
11 - Medaphoar - Can't hold back
12 - Hi tech - Book of life
13 - Big L - MVP summersmooth remix
14 - Mad Skillz - Get your groove on
15 - L Swift - How itz going down
16 - Major stress - More and more
17 - Kriss Kross - Tonight's da night
18 - Lethal - Guess who's back
19 - La the Darkman - I want it all
20 - Foundation & Rezidue - Boogie down got the flavor
21 - Rasheed feat Mr Eon - The life I live
22 - Funkdoobiest - Rock on
23 - Triflicts - Don't make me try
24 - Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka

CSA - 95erz Laid Back

So enjoy the summer, I know i will after a long Montreal winter

C ya soon for more!



PS : Shout out to Ben & the breton crew for making us listen to MED and Mexakinz about 100 times per day for 1 week!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chicken WinGZ mix

Whuttup y'all !
I know some peeps were asking me when I will drop another mix, so for all those who were waiting and maybe checking out the site, sorry for dis!
But today, i'm back with a dope one, with some phat tracks I like to listen to. So you better like it cause it might be the last one, you never know..!
peace to all the friends and artists i met, performed or smoked with aha
also props to my man nooferz in Canada, the germans for the world cup, Japan for the ill technology, England for the chicken fish and chips shit, and to my girl Erica from the United States of America ahah.. yes that's our home blog and, we can talk mad shit! So what?! .. and to all the haterz out there.. F... y'all !

click to download :

Dj.BLaze Chicken WinGZ Mix

1 Society "yes'n'deed"
2 Soul survivor "in god we trust"
3 low lives "ill rhymes"
4 emar "death"
5 mad skillz "the nod factor"
6 brainsick "time to shine"
7 Q.Ball and Curt Cazal "break it down"
8 da youngstaz "i'll make you famous"rmx
9 natural mystics "how it go" rmx
10 LPSD "back at ya"
11 cormega "one love"
12 cover "time is running out"
13 shamus "neva dream"
14 raiderman "magnetic"
15 roughneck soldiers "kill or be killed"
16 major stress " a day in da stuy"
17 mannish "mannish"
18 slomo "hip hop can't stop"
19 mass confusion "state your name.."
20 big scoob "niggaz can't hang"
21 fat joe "flow joe"
22 hi tech "24/7"
23 da naba hood threat "mind tricks"
24 soul kid klik "desperate times"
25 mc gruff "harlem kids get biz"
26 company flow 'people are shady"
27 black moon "reality, killing every.."
28 sacred hoop "service and maintenace"

... i'm out. peace

Blaze for CSA..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On some secret shit!

Yo wassup peeps, I know it's been a long time since the last update, hopefully we will be soon able to drop mix more regularly.
So this week I have a secret freestyle mix, basicly I took random records out of the crates and mixed em one shot.
I don't even remember what's on this one, I know there is a track from Nine, one from the Natural Elements, G Rap and Mf Grimm, Krumbsnatcha, etc. anyway it's gonna be your job to try and find out what's on this one. If you do then you win, well nothing really, but that would be cool anyway.

Shadout - Secret Mix

Aight, so right now I know my man Blaze is working on a tight mix, with fat, and when I say fat I mean KFC fat, fat indies. This should be a dope one.

Peace to my man Wuze one for the dope CSA logo and to my man State for the ill CSA graffs!
Till next time, I'm out!