Friday, October 26, 2007

JAPAN intelligenti pauca

This one is for all my japanese people out there!

I remember i told y'all about my man "PHOHAT" a while ago.
Well, the instrumental lp "intelligenti pauca" is out now and available in Japan.
feat. beats by DA G.U.I
all cutz by blaze/CSA

This special japanese version got 2 phat bonus tracks that you can't find on the european release (which is also coming soon for next week).

get it at your local HMV , tower records ..
peace to refine recordings,

personal review:
First time i heard his beats back then, i was really diggin'them. I was also impressed by the sound quality and the warm bass he always had on his tracks. I remember when i first met the guy in his basement(RIP), saw them crazy machines he was working with and realised he was also a sound engineer.. (Oh that's why he had that dope sound!! lol
that 31 years old beatmaker(sound engineer and more..) is inspired by hiphop,jazz, soul, funk, afro beat, broken soul, electro house..
The album shows this large diversity of music that some b-boy from the ghetto can actually produce. You might be surprised. You got different kind of beats, so don't expect just straight boom bap hip hop beats, it's music. I'd say "electro urban" beats. Like it or not, it still has some dope ass hits in it!
The tracks has their own atmosphere, it's full of imagery and this is for what it was made for. You really need to visualize it sometimes, it should be the background sound of some video formats i think. i'd say it's also something you can play in the back, while chillin'or doing something else.
Also, it was made a bit like that "prince paul" project, you know the guy's playing his little movie in his head and then try to put sound on it.
I believe he has his own touch, i don't know there's something special ,you can feel it.
Professional must pay attention here!! And real music lovers should hear it..
So now it's your choice if you want to discover his atmosphere, or not..

"intelligenti pauca" means in latin : " few words suffice for he who understands

peace to the ones who know.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Video ShooT!

heyyo whuttup people!

The close entourage know about that video shoot.. the track is called "Passionerz" from my man "Spag cynofilik"LP. It has additional cutz by me on that version that you can't find on the vinyl. I'm actually feeling real good today, knowing that shit is finally out.And trust me, it was made wit that true hiphop spirit that we still have. So don't expect any hot bitch lapdance, moët drinking at the club, and all that bling bullshit hiphop has been overfed through all these yearz. But know that, brothaz had to climb over all kinda shit to get to the spot (graffity bomberz you know what it is) and re-paint the
I remember it was rough, people was tired, on a rainy day, the humidity, the dusty air, the spiderz ahah people trying to kick us outta here (nice try lol), no long chairs around to rest, standing up all day knowing it has to be shot and that's it.
However it was DOPE! The place was dope, the chemical smell of paint mixed up wit other natural ones lol also alcohol kept some brothaz running and on point too that day ahah

So to resume, dope hiphop video! Peep dis fellaz..
Peace to all that little army who was here that day, really too many to mention
93-95 Underground Spirit CRS88 ! ! !
This is how it should be done! eheh

i'm out.

Spag Cynofilik "Passionerz" feat. Blaze/CSA on the cuts, Phohat , Coroz , Lib-K Prog.S