Monday, April 17, 2006

Laid Back vol1

Sup y'all.. dis week you got that "laid back vol.1" mixtape, it's one of the first mixtape I mixed for the csa cars and friend's, maybe 3 years ago.. So a few probably have it..I remember me was quite wasted when i was mixing this one shot live mix, i was more feelin' it than mixing it ahah I didn't really check the volume but don't worry, it's still all right.
Me and shadout went back to Amsterdam moving out some records (thousands of records !! ) and he found that tape that I lost a while back, so here you go.. If you like it, thanks shadout for that, cause that tape was officially lost
I'll try to prepare some nice indy mix next time, so don't sleep on the CSA click cause we still bring you some dope hip hop flavour even if we are abroad

peace to all the hip hop heads over here who are checking out that site and supporting us , from L.A to Tokyo Japan.. !
Support the Chicken scratch addicT ! .. free of charge ahah

Dj.BLaze CSA "Laid back Vol.1" gova tape

Paw Dukes – Amazin
Large Pro – Just Wanna Chill
Mic Geronimo – Wherever you are
Que D
Natural Ressource – Bum Deals
AK Skillz – Check The Flava
Big Kwam – I don’t Give a Whut
N-Tyce – Sure Ya Right Remix
Ador – Kid’s Crazy
Nomads – The Ultimate
Bush Babies – Get Love ft. Mos Def
Equilibrium – Do That
Jungle Brown – I Got The World Spinin
Akyniele – No Exit
Black Attack – My Crown
Scientifik – Jungle Of The East
Jay Z – Dead Presidents
City Side Crew – KALI
Livewire – Fast Lane

ps: peace to my man WuZe representing the US/CRS/CuratorZ click!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.1

Ok, This was a busy week so I didn't have time to do a new mix, so I'll Hit you with an old one. It's the first Indy mix, I posted part 2 a few weeks back and it's time for the part 1.
Unfortunately, I didn't write down the tracklist and I don't even have the time to go and check the exact title of each track, but I think you should be able to find out by yourselves.
This mix was done a while back and is 100% freestyle so it's not always super smooth, but the tracks are dope so I guess it's still a good one.

Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.1:

Cryptic One -
Adagio - The Obvious
Powerule -
Natural Mystics -
Kismet -
Mike Control -
Sabac - Speak Militant
The Professionals - Seat Back Relax
Raidermen - Top Dollars
pitch Black -
Mos Desh - Microphone Enhancer Ft. LPSD
Ranhjaz - Street Life Remix
Candy Store - Escape From Belize
Powerule - Dawn To Dusk
Trends Of Culture - Off And On Remix
Nas - Understanding
Muro - Remix Ft. Lord Finesse & AG
J Live - Longevity Remix
2 Face - NYC
Parrallax - Don't Mean Jax

Aight, thanks for checking this out!
Till next time, I'm out!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Disciples Of The 36th Chamber

Damn this mix was on the shelves for so long. It was supposed to be the first mixtape as a CSA crew collective effort. It was like 2 years ago now. For some reason we slept on it and never released it, so now you can hear it for free and we will pass on the millions it should have earned us.
Ok, so you've guessed it already it's a Wu Related mix. You can't front on the clan! We got some of the best underground Wu Tang shit on this mix, and some hard to find remixes and shit like that.

CSA Crew - Disciples Of The 36th Chamber!

N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip
Pop da Brown Hornet – Let Go The Lap
DSA - Uncontrollable ft. Kendu, Hope, DJ, Isham & A. Quinn
Royal Fam – I Declare War
Ruthless Bastards – Ruthless Bastards
Gravediggaz – Suicide (Remix)
Shabbaz the Disciple – Death Be the Penalty
Remedy – Seen It All
Buddha Monk - Gots Like Come On Thru ft. Br'klyn Zu
L.A. The Darkman – I Want It All (Remix)
DSA – Lock Shit Down
Now Born Clik – Movin
Killarmy – Wake Up
Wu Allstars – Soul In The Hole
Sunz Of Man - Soldiers Of Darkness
Real Live - Real Live Shit Remix ft. Larry-O, Ghostface killah, Cappadonna, Lord tariq & Killa Sin
KGB – Bless Ya Life
Shyheim – One’s 4 Da Money (Remix)
Method Man – Method Man (Remix)
Gravediggaz – Freak The Sorceress
Deadly Venom – Bomb Threat ft. Wu Tang
Ill Knob – Beautifull Thing

Aight! Now I gotta big up the real shaolin disciples who gave us these pictures. If you're in the Paris area and are interested in in knowing more about the Shaolin Kung fu, philosophy and culture, go check out Master Zong Hong's Shaolin School website. And don't front on him either cause he'll kick your ass, no doubt!

Now the real question is, who would win in a fight?
Jack Bauer? or the Shaolin Master?
Let's debate!