Sunday, March 26, 2006

FeeL the Vibe

The following took place between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm..

I got a call from Jack, he sounded mad stressed, so i was like yo whuttup papy! Still hunting terrorists and shit? he was like yo BLaze, we need to meet fo'real, in a secured place, is that cool? I was like yo ok man no problem, meet me at the chicken palace in 2 hours.. When he got here i knew something was wrong..damn Jack.. After showing off with his new bulletproof pda and shit, he told me the reason why he came : "I'm sorry for asking you this, but I need you to give me all the C.S.A mixtapes that you got, NOW! " So I asked why.. mothafucka tried to bullshit me with some classified national security type of shit! I said fuck you Jack! No more CSA tapes for you, get the fuck out of here! So when i was driving him back to the airport, he started crying like a bitch! But no way i could think he would beg for it ahah So i just gave it up, also thinking i was lucky he did not put 2 bullets in my head instead..

So if you want that access clearance on my mixtape too, just download it here to your service
Dj BLaze,CSA
FeeL the Vibe mixtape


1 shamus "big willie style"
2 nas feat.lauryn hill "if i ruled the world"
3 dj honda tariq,problems,black attack.. "on the mic"
4 natural elements "second hand smoke"
5 brainsick feat. group home "east ny theory" (Remix)
6 Tableek "worsse way"
7 binary star "the binary shuffle"
8 mad skillZ "move ya body"
9 milkbone "where'z da'party at?"
10 da bush babees "we run things" (it's like dat)
11 A tribe called quest "find a way"
12 feat.tony bones "hunger strike"
13 Ador " the kid is crazy"
14 Key kooL "can you hear it"
15 nice and smooth "blunts"
16 Black star "K.O.S"
17 A.L "lyrics"
18 triflicts "don't make me try"
19 SOS "no diggedy"
20 ground floor "one, two"
21 nonchalant "until the day"

and if you don't know about Jack.. well, he's just the most dangerous man on earth. Even if you kill him, he will come back to fuck you up ahah he even bitchslapped steven seagal, true story...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Heavy ammunition so I don't have to dip...

Sup' y'all
This week, it's my time to hit you with another phat ass mix.
Now this mix is not your average type of mix, this one comes fully loaded with these indy joints that you know we fiend for.

Nooferz - Heavy Ammunition

Frankenstein - All hands
Ghetto Concept - EZ on tha motion
Fondation & Rezidue - Boogie Down got the flavor
Rasheed feat Mr Eon - The life i live
Parallax - Bleeding hate
Camouflage Large - Cocbacda9
Main One feat OC - Droppin gramma
Hi Tech & J-Treds - Weak minds
Shadez Of Brooklyn - When it rains it pours
Down & Dirty Tribe - Inna cipher
Shyheim - This is real remix
Tragedy feat Mobb Deep - Judas theory
Soul Kid Klick - Mortal kombat
Gauge feat Cella Dwellas - Cranium
Money Boss Players - Games
Mental Supreme - Talkin mad shit
East Flatbush Project feat Esteem - Can't hold it back
Hatchetmen - Black smoke
BBO Enterprise - Dayz like this
Pop Megga - Ghetto news
Shamus - Try 2 c loot
Mr D Original - Absolutely
Kukoo Da Bagga Bones - Politics

This time it comes as a zip file since there is a different track for each song, if you can't open the file, you need to download winrar or 7zip.

I did this mix a while ago, I think about a couple of years ago, unfortunately for me, and you, right now, I don't have access to my 1200' (something to do with fucked up clearance code or whatever), so I hit y'all with an old mix. Hope you will like it as it will be the last one I post until this summer.

To quote J-Rocc the funky president once again, if you ain't feelin' it, I don't even know what's wroooooong wit you.

This being said, you know what you gotta do
"now pop the tape in your deck
I got the Heavy Ammunition cuz I'm Flexi Wit Da Tech"


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.2

Aight, new week, new mix!
This week the mix is mainly independant releases, be sure to check out that Lastrawze joint, I can't beleive this has been under the radar for so long, it's super dope!
Also It's already part 2 when part 1 hasn't even been posted yet, that's because I did part 1 a long time ago, and I'll probably post it when I'm too busy to do a new mix, but right now I need to have new mixes for my mp3 player.

Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.2:

Laswunzout – Just To Be Famous
People Without Shoes – Nappyhead Assasin
Prince Poetry – Shine
Just Shawn – Just For A Look
Mecca 2 Medina – Trust Me (Remix)
Missin Linx – Sametime
Mobb Deep – World War III
Illmental Vision – Don’t Tess
Tony Da Skitzo – Livin Life On Da Edge
BBO – Beat Of The Day
Tha Riot – Kontak
Lastrawze – Sneak Peek
M.Slash – Feel It
Finsta Bundy – Supernova
NY Confidential – Backstabbed
Raidermen – Aggressive Behavior
Special Ed – Think Twice
Grav Ft. Al’ Tariq & lil Ray – City To City
Quiet Mob – Red Light Green Light
Reflexions – This Could Be The Day
Diezzel Don & The Governer – So now You Know
Numskullz - Decapitators

All right, now post some fuckin comments if you like this one, discuss the tracks, chicken receipes or wathever. And like BBO said "if you sleepin on us, you be dreamin a lot!"

Till next time, I'm out!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Spicy Variety BuckeT , B.I.G FlavouR..

Sup y'all ! Here's for you another "Chicken Scratch Addict" mixtape!
Right now, the three of us are not even living in the same country, so we also share music between us and for all the peeps we know around the world. We're not here to save the industry or to put out the Best mixtapes ever on this planet ahah, just sharing some shit that we like, and let other people download if they feel like it, for free! So now you're asking yourself, "ok but why is he talking so much shit ...?" That's simple, you can make some donations if you really like hiphop, supporting us is also supporting the true values of hiphop, so if you're a real hiphop head ,you know what to do now... Make us rich! ahah just playing around, don't go away!!
Since we have no idea of how many people that actually have downloaded those mixes, just let us know if you did by posting in the comment section (you really don't have to write a lot). So we can evaluate and make complex calculations to see if we will keep on putting stuff as often as we did during these past 3 weeks..
thanks for reading all these..
here's the tracklist of this week mix :

1 The notorious B.I.G feat. Jay-Z and Angela Winbush "I love the dough"
2 Biggie "going back to Cali"
3 Sylvia Striplin "you can't turn me away"
4 Junior mafia "get money"
5 H-alpert "rise"
6 Biggie "hypnotize"
7 B.I.G "one more chance"
8 Mtume "juicy"
9 BIG "juicy"
10 Yvette Michelle "everyday and everynight"
11 yvette michelle "i'm not feelin you"
12 the Almighty RSO feat. D-ruff "Sanity"
13 Borne "the quest"
14 Corrupt Empire "Jersey get yours"
15 Pharcyde "drop"
16 Pharcyde " Runnin'
17 Biggie "gimme the loot"
18 Fred Wesley "Up for the down stroke"
19 BiG "Machine gun funk"
20 Danja Mowf- Mad skillZ "Mowf of madness"
21 Biggie "things done changed"
22 Flipside Magicians " Cast a deadly spell"
23 Paula Perry "extra, extra"
24 Redman "supamanlova"
25 OC feat. yvette michelle "far from yours"
26 I-Brothers "between the sheets"
27 biggie small "big poppa"
28 Jay-Z "Feelin'it"
29 OrfinZ "since you wanna be down"

you can download Spicy Variety Bucket, Biggie Flavour.. mixed by Dj.BLaze CSA

Support the "Chicken Scratch AddicT" , we won't charge you !
hope you like it.. fuck it if you don't ahah


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Megaupload Tutorial

Ok peeps, so it seems that megaupload is a pain in the ass, and we've been having feedback from people who don't understand how it works. So let me break it down for you, it's very easy once you know the trick.

So Here you can see the counter. You have to wait like 45 seconds before your download can start, so you wait.

Then, and here is were everybody gets lost, a fuckin ad just pops up in front of the box you have to clik to download the file.
Just clik the x like shown in the picture to get rid of this ad. Don't worry your computer will not explode or be invaded by aliens.

Ok so now you just have to clik the box that says "click here to download".

And now you have the usual box that appears everytime you download a file. If you don't know what to do at this point, my only advice is to throw your computer away and ask a friend to put all those files on tape, you probably don't know what a mp3 is anyway.

Ok, I hope this helps, right now we think megaupload is the best way to share files across the internet, obviously if we find a better place to upload files we will use it.

And don't forget to post comments and discuss the mixes and tracks you liked or didn't like.