Sunday, March 26, 2006

FeeL the Vibe

The following took place between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm..

I got a call from Jack, he sounded mad stressed, so i was like yo whuttup papy! Still hunting terrorists and shit? he was like yo BLaze, we need to meet fo'real, in a secured place, is that cool? I was like yo ok man no problem, meet me at the chicken palace in 2 hours.. When he got here i knew something was wrong..damn Jack.. After showing off with his new bulletproof pda and shit, he told me the reason why he came : "I'm sorry for asking you this, but I need you to give me all the C.S.A mixtapes that you got, NOW! " So I asked why.. mothafucka tried to bullshit me with some classified national security type of shit! I said fuck you Jack! No more CSA tapes for you, get the fuck out of here! So when i was driving him back to the airport, he started crying like a bitch! But no way i could think he would beg for it ahah So i just gave it up, also thinking i was lucky he did not put 2 bullets in my head instead..

So if you want that access clearance on my mixtape too, just download it here to your service
Dj BLaze,CSA
FeeL the Vibe mixtape


1 shamus "big willie style"
2 nas feat.lauryn hill "if i ruled the world"
3 dj honda tariq,problems,black attack.. "on the mic"
4 natural elements "second hand smoke"
5 brainsick feat. group home "east ny theory" (Remix)
6 Tableek "worsse way"
7 binary star "the binary shuffle"
8 mad skillZ "move ya body"
9 milkbone "where'z da'party at?"
10 da bush babees "we run things" (it's like dat)
11 A tribe called quest "find a way"
12 feat.tony bones "hunger strike"
13 Ador " the kid is crazy"
14 Key kooL "can you hear it"
15 nice and smooth "blunts"
16 Black star "K.O.S"
17 A.L "lyrics"
18 triflicts "don't make me try"
19 SOS "no diggedy"
20 ground floor "one, two"
21 nonchalant "until the day"

and if you don't know about Jack.. well, he's just the most dangerous man on earth. Even if you kill him, he will come back to fuck you up ahah he even bitchslapped steven seagal, true story...


escobar said...

great selection by dj blaze even Jack could'nt do betta..Thanx for making us feelin'it again this week ! Hey Blaze EDGAR IS NOT DEAD ahah

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Once again Blaze is doin' it
Even Jack needs his fix of fresh hip hop mixes

I gotta big you up for the tribe song, and the ground floor one

Knowledge Of Self!!

Raphaël said...

sacré jack...
feelin' the vibe right now, sounds definitely good.
keep on brotherman

shadout said...

damn next time we do a bbq, we'll cop some wings and invite him over, you know to make him feel better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the mixes.

word 2 the mother said...

yo, i got tons of mp3s, so it's always
a huge struggle to decide, what songs i put on my player..
but you guys take that decision away from me with these mixes..

big ups

wordz 2 motherz said...

songs TO put...

shit is real, jack...

respect this said...

"oh yeah" "oh yeah" like pete rock.


Anonymous said...

if you're feeling dis tape like i do... then big up yourselves!!

SC said...

Thanks so much for the mix.

Anonymous said...

no pb, thank you for listening and posting a comment!

put it in your system, in your car, your walkman, at work or when your girl's talking too much shit, tell her to shut the fuck up and feel the vibe ahah

Anonymous said...

You got some other stuff with that dude A.L.? Cuz that shit is fuckin ill...

hit me up at