Saturday, April 01, 2006

Disciples Of The 36th Chamber

Damn this mix was on the shelves for so long. It was supposed to be the first mixtape as a CSA crew collective effort. It was like 2 years ago now. For some reason we slept on it and never released it, so now you can hear it for free and we will pass on the millions it should have earned us.
Ok, so you've guessed it already it's a Wu Related mix. You can't front on the clan! We got some of the best underground Wu Tang shit on this mix, and some hard to find remixes and shit like that.

CSA Crew - Disciples Of The 36th Chamber!

N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip
Pop da Brown Hornet – Let Go The Lap
DSA - Uncontrollable ft. Kendu, Hope, DJ, Isham & A. Quinn
Royal Fam – I Declare War
Ruthless Bastards – Ruthless Bastards
Gravediggaz – Suicide (Remix)
Shabbaz the Disciple – Death Be the Penalty
Remedy – Seen It All
Buddha Monk - Gots Like Come On Thru ft. Br'klyn Zu
L.A. The Darkman – I Want It All (Remix)
DSA – Lock Shit Down
Now Born Clik – Movin
Killarmy – Wake Up
Wu Allstars – Soul In The Hole
Sunz Of Man - Soldiers Of Darkness
Real Live - Real Live Shit Remix ft. Larry-O, Ghostface killah, Cappadonna, Lord tariq & Killa Sin
KGB – Bless Ya Life
Shyheim – One’s 4 Da Money (Remix)
Method Man – Method Man (Remix)
Gravediggaz – Freak The Sorceress
Deadly Venom – Bomb Threat ft. Wu Tang
Ill Knob – Beautifull Thing

Aight! Now I gotta big up the real shaolin disciples who gave us these pictures. If you're in the Paris area and are interested in in knowing more about the Shaolin Kung fu, philosophy and culture, go check out Master Zong Hong's Shaolin School website. And don't front on him either cause he'll kick your ass, no doubt!

Now the real question is, who would win in a fight?
Jack Bauer? or the Shaolin Master?
Let's debate!



Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Man that's a nice mix from Shadout & Blaze
Every hip hop head is a Wu head
hope you will enjoy this one!

Anonymous said...

Yo lovin the mixes, for some reason the 36 chamber mix stalls out when downloading. I don't know if it's my computer or something wrong with the upload just thought I'd give you some headz up.

Anonymous said...

Big up to my man IkAR for the pictures (some real shaolin disciple right there) , straight from the shaolin temple.. respect!

somno said...

putain, ça a ramé pour dL, un truc de je suis pas le seul au vu d'un autre comment.le tracklist pèse, je dégusterai ça bien dans les transports.

soirée foutage de merde hier soir sur le forum orange, je compatis, ayant été banni 3 fois de rang moi aussi hahaha.
si ça vous chante , je mettrai votre blog en signature sur divers forums histoire que ça racolle un peu plus vers ici.graillez bien, la volaille.@++



shadout said...

Ok peeps I think it's working, but for some reason megaupload is very slow at times.
I guess you can't complain too much cause it's free, but if we could find a server that's faster it would be dope.

somno cimer pour le soutien mec, d ailleurs file moi ton msn mec, vu que pour se catcher sur des forums ca va etre tendu maintenant

lordquaz said...

comme d hab' la tape est une tuerie... direct sur cd pour l'écouté dans la vago
allez les gars continuez comme sa on en veut toujours +
respect a vous les disciples de la grippe aviaire ...putain le chicken scratch addict sa me redonne gout aux poulets

ikare said...

a great new tiger style mix from the last chamber of shaolin!
Blaze, thanks for the pictures and for my master's link. it's just a small club, we need some more people..
you're doing it well, keep on!

Arjan said...

This is the shit! love from holland

Petrol said...

Dope mix!!!!!!
I was waiting for that one for so long, I'm gonna watch my cantonese fearless vcd with your mix.
BTW fuck the haters!!!!!!!

havoc said...

yo, i gonna love this site. although i havent dowloaded anything yet, cuz some of the uni servers here strike to download something from megaupload....but I hope I can fix that problem.

how started wu tang really???
to me it seems they all were casted anyway. look at them now, none of those cats makes a project with their former homies.

what about cappadonna....hes a taxi driver???

who is the spinnin head behind wu related artists or wu tang in general??? I dont know....

in fact....the mix of samples from zen buddhism and islam is ill enough. wu tang for me is the best example that the 5 percent nation isnt a religion...its just a club of weeded out bros. yeh they make good music but forget the rest....dont take them too seriously

I-slam (y'all got it?) like tarzan

stilts said...

thanks for all the dope mixes CSA, keepin the underground alive!

on a wu-tang note
Group who debuted on The Swarm compilation and which has consisted of, at various times, Buddah Hava, Father Lord, Magic Sword, Ohh Ahh Swordsman, Persian Killer, Samo Heung, Scorpion, Bolo Gah, Long Fist, Dragon Fly, Long Axe and Short Axe. However, after Father Lord died, the group split. They have since all released various solo and group projects independently. Project and groups such as Bolo's Kitchen "Blood Sweat and Years" album, Black Lotus "Lotus Notes"

bolo's kitchen is def worth checking.

Samo Heung or sammo hung, haha, what a name bite.
sammo hung is THE greatest kung fu killaaaaaahh!
so fat and so fast.
check magnificent butcher
prodigal son,iron fisted monk, the odd couple,warriors two,encounters of the spooky kind ect ect

Anonymous said...

ca te va bien au teint le orange Blaze
mais avoue que pour aller taffer c est ridicule.enfin bon tu fais ce que tu veux...
moi de mon coté j'ai toujours pa ecouté ton son mais chui un homme moderne qu a pas bcp de tps mais jvais écouter ca ;)


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

La prochaine fois on fera un mix special David Bowie ahah

Anonymous said...

some real wu addicts up in here! big up!

ps: moka ,c'est ma tenue pour aller en soirée ahah fais tourner les mix pour les kiffeurs