Monday, April 17, 2006

Laid Back vol1

Sup y'all.. dis week you got that "laid back vol.1" mixtape, it's one of the first mixtape I mixed for the csa cars and friend's, maybe 3 years ago.. So a few probably have it..I remember me was quite wasted when i was mixing this one shot live mix, i was more feelin' it than mixing it ahah I didn't really check the volume but don't worry, it's still all right.
Me and shadout went back to Amsterdam moving out some records (thousands of records !! ) and he found that tape that I lost a while back, so here you go.. If you like it, thanks shadout for that, cause that tape was officially lost
I'll try to prepare some nice indy mix next time, so don't sleep on the CSA click cause we still bring you some dope hip hop flavour even if we are abroad

peace to all the hip hop heads over here who are checking out that site and supporting us , from L.A to Tokyo Japan.. !
Support the Chicken scratch addicT ! .. free of charge ahah

Dj.BLaze CSA "Laid back Vol.1" gova tape

Paw Dukes – Amazin
Large Pro – Just Wanna Chill
Mic Geronimo – Wherever you are
Que D
Natural Ressource – Bum Deals
AK Skillz – Check The Flava
Big Kwam – I don’t Give a Whut
N-Tyce – Sure Ya Right Remix
Ador – Kid’s Crazy
Nomads – The Ultimate
Bush Babies – Get Love ft. Mos Def
Equilibrium – Do That
Jungle Brown – I Got The World Spinin
Akyniele – No Exit
Black Attack – My Crown
Scientifik – Jungle Of The East
Jay Z – Dead Presidents
City Side Crew – KALI
Livewire – Fast Lane

ps: peace to my man WuZe representing the US/CRS/CuratorZ click!


lordquaz said...


shadout said...

ok it's fixed

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Damn the infamous laid back vol1
I thought this one was lost for sure
lots of good tracks on this one, my favorite being jungle of the east

Anonymous said...

Big up again y'all thank you very much for yet again another sick ass mix.


Anonymous said...

yeah. bien joué !

peace y'all.

s o m n o

Evil Enko said...

ahaha les mecs maintenant les dj à hk se font même plus chier à mixer,ils drop les mix du csa!!!!!
Csa represent all over the world!
Keep puting some dope mix,evryone over there is waiting for the next one!!!!!!!!!

havoc said...

he yall,

first of all much love goes out to those ppl who provide the ppl (as it seems) nearly every week with some fine underground rap music. for free!!!

yo im new to this....and im truly fascinated whats goin on here....mass mass deep ug rap. i didnt know that this is happen right before my door (the i-net).

but i hope you can help me with a lil problem here....i would really like to enjoy these mixes by csa crew, but out of reason my pc doesnt recognizes the file as *.mp3. my gogear mp3 stick is waitin for action but for the called reason its not possible. the name of the data is just data, no *.mp3 or *.wav....nuttin.

how can I solve this problem, coz winamp plays it when I say "open with..."....i dont know.

i hope its not off-topic....but thanks anyway.

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Man I have no idea how to fix this.
My advice is if you have a friend specialised in IT, go ask him, and if you don't, find one


havoc said...

yo, i thought its a hell of a problem...but i just changed the name into .mp3

*how emberassing*