Monday, May 01, 2006

90BPM Mix Part 1

Ok so I fucked up last week and missed an update, but this gave you more time to chill to this laid back tape from Dj Blaze.
Anyway, right now I can't even check my records because I just moved out and they're all packed in bags and boxes, it's a big mess. Anyway I'll try to get those back in order asap so I can bring some fresh mixes but right now I got to hook you up with some old-ish.
So this mix, I did it maybee in 2002 for this french website called 90bpm, and it's the first time it's available on mp3 so I hope you like it.

Shadout Mapes - 90Bpm Mix

Hug - Fuckin With Hug
Mr D Original - Now U Da Man
Non Phixion - 4Ws
Dutchmin – Get Your Swerve On (extented Mix)
Krumb Snatcha – Remarquable
Third Sight – Ballsacks
Dr Octagon – Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
Quasimoto – Am I confused
Onry Ozbourn – Sidewalks End
Frankenstein – The Projects
Company Flow – Corners 94
Mr Lif – Be Out
Juggaknots – Generally
Ripshop – Shoplif Ft. Mr Lif
Demigodz – Don’t Even Go There
Time Machine – Restop Sweathearts
Algorithm – War at 120 / 80
Equilibrium – Critical Conditions

I am not sure the titles for each track are 100% correct but it should be close enough.



Anonymous said...

Thanks man Oregon headz been fiendin for a new mix. Thanks for the update, and good luck with the move.


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

I liked that mix a lot when you dropped it
it's cool to be able to hear it again

djlake said...

always on point

dj lake (paris-rome-london)

Anonymous said...

good shit