Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scratch Science Breaks

For all the hardcore scratch heads out there, if you don't know about Scratch Science, well you should! The vol.2 of them breakbeats "GrassHoppeR" is out now and it's dope. Same concept as the vol.1: lots of good "skip proofs nicely arranged, and some nice double timing beats for your training sessions.
There's also a 500 limited 10 inch break, "Grasshopper pocket.
Some quality shit when it comes to scratchin'! support
you can know more about these cats here:


ps: some DOPE mixes are coming soon.. i'm working on it.
Keep it Peace

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best of 2006

That's it we're in 2007!
Happy new year to all the chicken lovers supporting us worldwide!!

Let's do a little recap here, cuz after less than a year of this blog shit, the CSA crew did drop 20 mixtapes for your ears!!! that's around 2 mix for each month of activity, pretty nice in my opinion!
Aight so in case you missed some of those fat tapes check those links here:

CSA Crew :
95erz Laid Back
Disciples Of the 36th Chambers (Wu fam mixtape)

Spicy Bucket Big Flavor!
Feel The Vibe
Laid Back Vol.1
Chicken WingZ Mix
Relax YouR Mind

RER C mixtape
Heavy Amunition Pt.1
Heavy Amunition Pt.2
Heavy Amunition Pt.3
Mapple sirup flavor chicken wingzerz (Canada Mixtape)

90 BPM Mixtape 1
Jazzy Mix
Secret Mix
Indy Mix Pt.1
Indy Mix Pt.2
Indy Mix Pt.3
Indy Mix Pt.4
Indy Mix Pt.5

Ok so Instead of those classic top 10 list after the end of each year, this time I decided to do a mixtape with some of the stuff I liked best this year, ok you probably got that from the title of this post but whatever. check dis out!

Shadout - Best of 2006:

P Brothers Ft. Bo$$ Monney - Bo$$ Money gangsters
Slow Suicide Stimulus Ft. Cage & LIS - BiPolar HiRollers
Third Sight - Hypotermia
Juggaknots - Namesake
Oddisee - Propa
Chapter 13 - Watchin My Moves
Pumpkinhead - Best Flow
Mikee & Whizzla Ft. Jermside - Cold Flow
Edgar Allen Floe - One and One (Remix)
Apathy - All About Crime
Snowgoons Ft. Baby Black - Thinking About Me (Philly Mix)
Army of the Pharoahs - Battle Cry
El-p - Everything Must Go
Mekalek Ft. Percee P - The Gritty Bop
Mf Doom - Vomit
AZ - The Format
Dabrye Ft. Wildchild - The Stand
AG - HipHop Quotable
Zion I - Count It Down
Soul Position - Hand Me Down
Talib Kweli - Listen!!!
Sadat X - Throw Tha Ball (Headnodic Remix)
Ohmega Watts - Ft. Stro - The Find (PPP bang Bang Remix)
La Melodia - Keep It On (Fat Jon super Fat Remix!!)

I'm out