Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mixtape RER C online

Sup' y'all
In order to celebrate the creation of the Chicken Scratch Addict blog, here's a little mix for y'all to enjoy while riding the train
It's mixed by myself, here's a tracklist :

01 - Show & AG - Soul clap
02 - Jaz feat Jay-Z - Just that simple
03 - Chi Ali - Funky lemonade
04 - Fu Schnickens feat Shaq - What's up doc?
05 - Original flavor feat Jay Z - Can i get open
06 - Organized Konfusion feat OC - Fudge pudge
07 - Ultramagnetic mc's - Poppa large east cost mix
08 - Jam - Soul searchin' remix
09 - Hi tech - 4 degrees for the street
10 - Street connect - Rollin over you
11 - Creative feat Hi tech - the presentation remix
12 - SOP - Bok bok
13 - Whoridas - Shot callin & Big ballin
14 - Street connect - All up in the game
15 - Company flow - Juvenile technique
16 - Channel live - Mad izm buckwild mix
17 - Jemini - Funk soul sensation
18 - SOP - Styles
19 - Jemini - Can't stop rockin
20 - Slomo - hiphop can't stop
21 - Rubbabandz - Purple rain
22 - Jaz feat Jay Z - The originators
23 - Jaz B Lat'n - Check your system
24 - Chrome rebel dynasty - Escape from Irak
25 - Jaz B Lat'n - Set it off
26 - Sunz of men - Bloody choices
27 - Big L - You know what i'm about
28 - Mad dramma - Split personnalities

here's the link :
  • Mix RER C

  • We will be back with more flavor so bookmark this bitch

    Nooferz 1 Chicken Scratch Addictz


    Mo said...

    De Juvisy à Bibliothèque je n'aurais jamais le temps de m'écouter tout ça!

    R1 said...

    this mix is off the hook
    thanks man!

    Anonymous said...

    dope mix indeed!

    w.a.t.h. said...

    What up Wath up!

    Ah Noof, bien wèj mec, so phat!

    J'évite au maximum ce ReR C de merde mais là j'avoues... Le mix me donne envie de le reprendre...



    G. said...

    Passe aussi très bien sur la ligne A... :)


    Anonymous said...

    RER C Nord ton mix dans les oreilles ! yeaaaaah.
    continez comme ça c'est du bon !

    word 2 mother said...

    yo whats good!!

    just discovered your blog.
    like it a lot.

    much love*

    word 2 mother

    dArT2h4L said...

    I read about the mixes on a post in the fareast forum and started downloading from this one. where u guys from? anyways, this mix is great! neck brakin'! some cuts are really really dope! classics like show&ag, organized k, jaz, ultramag are always banging! I'll definitely check out the other mixes! peace yo, dart

    Nooferz 1 CSA said...

    Thanks man
    nice to see that people enjoy this blog
    btw we are from france

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks. for all the mixes. Hi from Australia.

    Stene said...

    wow, we share the same taste bro. Keep up the good work.