Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jazzy Mix Online

Yeah the Chicken Scratch Addicts are back, this week with a fresh jazzy mix. Now the few of you who might already know me will think that's it's not really my style of records, but that's how we do it. We gonna bring a lot of different vibes, and this time it's a mix to relax to and chill.

  • Shadout- Jazzy Mix :

  • L - How We Do
    Adagio! - 20 Cents (A Tale of 2 Dimes)
    Pumpkinhead - Jukebox
    Kaotic Style - Player
    Mood - Secrets of the Sand Remix
    Largre Pro - Dancing Girl
    Ill Mentality - Lovin U 4 Dayz (Nick Wiz Mix)
    Science of Sound - No Diggety
    Ill Biskits - Gos Bless Your Life
    Concrete Click - Keep It Street
    Raw Produce - Tried and True
    Q.Ball & Curt Cazal - Makin' Moves
    De La Soul - Stakes Is High Remix
    El Da Sensei - So...
    Lil Brother - Feelin Alright Remix
    J-Live - Brand Nu Live Remix
    DNA - Nowhere to Run
    Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime Remix
    Rondo & Crazy Rak - No Justice No Peace
    Nujabes Ft. Substantial & Pase ROck - Blessing It Remix
    Ghetto Concept - E-Z on the Motion
    No ID - Sky's the Limit
    The Ghetto Children - Equilibrium

    I hope you enjoy it, let us know what you think in the comment section. Till next time!


    petrol said...

    ohhhhhhhh already an other one,perfect for my week end.As usual the tracklist is dope! is dj blaze doin something on the 1and2 or he is just eatin chicken with the colonel???Yo Blaze next one should be yours. Thanx to the CSA for bringin some fresh mix.

    bigben said...

    Je n'ai pas l'habitude de poster beaucoup mais...
    Les 2 mixs coulent bien, ma préférence va toutefois au 2eme le" jazzy one", même si le 1er dans son style changeait bien des sélections type indés qui fleurissaient sur le web depuis quelques temps.En gros, c'est beaucoup plus digeste que pleins de mixs...votre poulet n'est pas grippé pour rester dans l'ère du temps et la métaphore...
    Je me demandais si vous seriez intéressés par d'éventuelles soirées en province? Sans avoir de délais précis mais pour savoir...
    Je vous laisse l'adresse du topic de notre émission sur hiphopcore pour d'éventuels contacts...

    Anonymous said...

    nice one shadout! there are some really fresh tracks i didn't know
    nice mix straight from the vice city number one "Amsterdaaaaaaaam"
    (but you gotta fix your computer man, for real..)
    heyyo petroL be patient boy, wait up till saturday, you'll get another mix to listen to on the beach.. and i won't charge you (lucky bastard ahah) and bring the chicken wings back mothafucka, you think you can steal from Me?!!

    word 2 mother said...

    nice tracklist for real!!

    thanks, b...

    dart2h4l said...

    really nice stuff right here...I have to say jazzy stuff is my favourite and so maybe I was expecting a little more after listening to the rer c mixtape, but it's still a crazy mix with some dope jazzy tracks! I love that nujabes/five deez song! j-live, el, dna, pumpkinhead and ill mentality are great songs too! thanx for these mixes!!! dart, from italy

    shadout said...

    Aight thanks,
    what do you mean by "I was expecting more"?? More famous rappers on the mix? more tracks with jazzy samples on it?

    anyway it's cool if you like it.

    dart2h4l said...

    I meant "more tracks with jazzy samples", absolutely not "more famous rappers"! anyways, good shit! peace, dArT

    shadout said...

    ok my man, no problemo
    It's true that I went quite large with the "jazzy" hiphop, it's quite hard to define what is jazzy hiphop too.

    Dabrovska said...

    Merci pour ce mix vraiment bien posé... je suis curieux de savoir ou vous avez dégoté le remix (de) de la soul ? Merci