Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Megaupload Tutorial

Ok peeps, so it seems that megaupload is a pain in the ass, and we've been having feedback from people who don't understand how it works. So let me break it down for you, it's very easy once you know the trick.

So Here you can see the counter. You have to wait like 45 seconds before your download can start, so you wait.

Then, and here is were everybody gets lost, a fuckin ad just pops up in front of the box you have to clik to download the file.
Just clik the x like shown in the picture to get rid of this ad. Don't worry your computer will not explode or be invaded by aliens.

Ok so now you just have to clik the box that says "click here to download".

And now you have the usual box that appears everytime you download a file. If you don't know what to do at this point, my only advice is to throw your computer away and ask a friend to put all those files on tape, you probably don't know what a mp3 is anyway.

Ok, I hope this helps, right now we think megaupload is the best way to share files across the internet, obviously if we find a better place to upload files we will use it.

And don't forget to post comments and discuss the mixes and tracks you liked or didn't like.



Anonymous said...

lol Shadout in full effects!! ahah well done man, you got style by the way .. word.
if you didn't know, now you know!

R1 said...
faster than megaupload
unlimited downloads

shadout said...

rapidshare is limited to 50mg/file, megaupload is limited to 250/file
a mix is aproximately 150, so with rapidshare you'd have to split it and it would take 3 hours with the download limit of 50mg/hour

megaupload has unlimited downloads to I think

Anonymous said...

wow that sucks they set only 100 download channel for my country
(in fact the place i'm studying ^^).
And obviously they're all busy loool.

Fortunatelay a leave soon. ^^

Thanx for your blog
from a French 90's nostalgic somewhere in vietnam

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recommend mediafire for uploads for files. Megaupload has the location and download restriction that is very cumbersome. I hope you can consider changing :-) cheers kinko