Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Y'all know Ron Arstest don't joke when it comes to his own personal greasy bucket. And y'all know he's down with the IM3 aka indy mix pt.3. So beware if you try to fuck with the chicken crew!!!!

Now I promised the part 3 of my independant hiphop mixes and here it is, once again it was a freestyle mix so if you expect fake computerised juggles and multitracked intro scratches get the fuck out of here.

Also it'd be nice to have more comments on those mixes, I mean we been there for like 6 months, dropped around 15 dope mixes and that last mix we post gets just one comment? you guys are cheap! show some love! or ask questions, debate, discuss tracks, you know the drill!

let's go down to business: Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.3

Khromozomez & Infared - Bigger Than That
EdoG - Get it Right Remix
Screwball & P. - HEAT (12" Mix)
Great Deity Dah - Indecent Proposal
Ig Off & Hazardous - On the Air
Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game
Renegade Foxx & Memphis Bleek - Still Hustlin
Killer Seed Squad - Killer Verses
Rezidue - Inner City Blues
Brainsick - Playin For Keeps
Da Fence Men & Krumb Snatcha - Massacre
Half a Mil, Az & Animal - Quiet Money Blood Money
Rubix & Talib Kwely - Millionaires
Saukrates - Stil Caught Up
East Flatbush Project & Live Wire - As The Table Turns
Slum Brothers - The Sure Shot
Mecalicious - How You Feel
Chosen Few - Raw Beauty
Blame One - Another Option
Kosha Dillz - Zone Out
Blueprint - No Half Smoking

Big up to somno for hooking me up with the ronron gif!
Big up to everyone supporting us

Till next time!


anonüm said...

all ya mixes are dope! i like this pure indymixshit! one of my favourite mix is still the mapple sirup... thank y'all for hookin me up with this stuff!

peace from switzerland

Dome said...

dope as usual.. love those mixes with the raw joints..
also a peace from the cold switzerlands
(much swiss into indie collectin hehe)

shadout said...


i got to admit the mapple sirup as a dope selection

feeli said...

Yep-These mixes are mad nice-The selection is authentic hip hop..Keep it up-Propz Acknowledged!

somno said...

héhé, le dL est en cours. tracklist opé, le colonel est fier de vous.

peace y'all.


BULLANT said...

Just came across your blog for the first time from the WYDU links, crazy shit on here man. I love the graff banners.


shadout said...

thanks man, those banners were made by our dear friends of the US / CRS crew from argenteuil france
big up to them

Anonymous said...

i've been bumpin'dis "christmas" mix for a while now.. shadout you know what i'm talking about.
anyway it's a dope one fo sure

Séki said...

Thanks for sharing all this, really dope shit! By the way, where does this Khromozomes track come from? These cats are really mad mc's. I didn't knew about this one
Peace out and respect
S., another swiss guy hey!

shadout said...

from the phase one building blocks mini EP

havoc said...

i truly cant understand why all those who download here dont show some love....me is only listening to CSA mixtapes all day long.

i have collected so much music, but never got that shit which CSA clik has. i am really impressed.

ive got a question to you....as i could see you are from different countries, some are from france and canada. correct me if i am wrong. how did yall meet each other, or when was the CSA clik "founded". i am also interested what all you do in personal life. i am askin because, here in germany you just can smack the hip hop scence. it is dominated by turkish wanna be gangsters who bring the ghetto to the sub urbs. you dont have any poverty or ghettos in germany. maybe those skinhead problem in eastern germany but thats another issue. what i try to say is, personally i dont know anybody who is listening to those mid 90s hip hop....coz all those gangsters roll with some other shit.

I am a physics student at TechU in dresden at the 5th semester....and maybe the first physicist reppin hip hop. i am no gangster or bullshit, i would say it like lord finesse "i dont listen to rap nowadays anymore, because its nuttin about gangsters".

"It’s a shame / You claim / The only way you know to make a living is the drug game".....peep that

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

sup Havoc?
first thank you for checking the blog, listenning to the mixes and supporting us since the beggining

i'll answer your questions briefly cause i don't like to tell my life on the net

so i'm not canadian, but i live in canada right now and shadout blaze and i come from the same neighborhood in france, shadout is my brother and we've been friend with blaze for like 10 years or so

the csa click was created basically when all had turntables and started djing between 2000 and 2002

Anonymous said...

Yo, Dope shit guys, iv been following your mixes from the begining, never showed any love though, so here it is. I must say Maple Sirup was the dopest so far. There any way to hear some more Ig Off & hazardous? there shits dope. leme knowwww, peace.

Andy said...

Joints are hard as fuck! mixin is not very special but i like it raw!
pz and check our blog.. it is a lil bit under construction

Anonymous said...

haha en fait l'IM3 est le nom de code du christmas Mix... maintenant j'ai le tracklist de la bombe!! même un an apres toujours aussi opé cette selection...
et t'inquiete meme si on dit pas grand chose, on kiffe... the heat is still on

Anonymous said...

big up pour toutes ses tueries...et rajoute a.g feat g.d flip shit - avec pleins d'sons de dj premier (remix rareter ect...)

shadout said...

c est quoi ce AG et GD?
pourtant je pensais avoir tous leurs maxis, ca sort d ou?
un AG que j ai pas ca m intrigue forcement