Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Relax your mind fellaz..

YO! Sp..p..p..p...SpeciaL delivery y'all!

This time i'm back with a fresh one. It's been a while but you know when it's about droppin'a mix for the CSA, i ain't lazy on the work and most of the time try to do it right and make it sound smooth for your ears! So don't front, cause hours of research, mixin', re-listening.. are at stake right there , just for the love of it.. and guess what? Y'all actually have the chance to download it for free ..word?.. word!.." damn, you lucky bastards!".. ahah (next time beware, we're gonna paypal dis joke)
To get back to the topic, I had access to the record collection of my man X ( known in my neighborhood as Mr "X" The miner) to complete my tracklist. That boy X digs so much he has shares in stockoptions wit those mine companies ahah.. Anyway, we thought it would be cool to share some dope records . Personally, I don't know about the hype of the records, don't check or buy on the e-bay, so when i heard some of the tracks I put in the mix being worth so much money, i was scared to even baby-scratch the bitch ahah Some of you are crazy, for real.. Well, to me it's not about that hype (that some even gets hyper themselves) its about dope tracks only, if it's's dope. Period. A Shaolin monk once told me :"If it's wack but so rare you'd sell ur mama, fuck dat! "
I'd like to give a shout out to (yeah again ahah) :
my CSA Fam, Shadout, Nooferz!
them peeps we did the opening for when they came to Paris as Masta ace, Edo G, K-otix, Zion I, Eyedea & Abilities, Gallapagos 4 etc....... sorry if i forgot some
from France, Hip Hop resistance Fab & Awer, Yasmina's" generation dj's 88.2" back in a days, Supermicro Grems (yeahh), Moudjad, Sept...... Dj nemo , the golden bro Madrias, remo, .. wow too many.. i'll stop now..
The iLL US/CRS/Curatorz possee: State, Wuze, Zyake, Fohat, NusKo......
from Japan: my pretty B-girls Yoshie and Sachie, Mai.. props to Dj Krush -Japan hip hop godfather, muro the ill digga, dj Honda, nujabes..
yo at least y'all got something to read for a while ahah

Click on the link below to download the mix, y'all know the drill :

Dj.BLaze/CSA : Special delivery pt1.. Relax your mind!

Tracklist :

1 "Jazzy chill out" Intro
2 Kingz of swing "the blunted"
3 Atban klann / Black eyed peas "let me get down"
4 Intelligent Hoodlum "street life" return of da life mix
5 Dred scott "check the vibe"
6 Renaissance "twist da cap"
7 Nine "whutcha want"
8 L "relax ur mind"
9 Mr.Voodoo "45 kickin'it live"
10 T-max "relax your mind"
11 Homeliss derilex "critical meltdown"
12 Darksyde "moneycide"
13 Maestro fresh wes/ Showbiz "Fine tune da mic"
14 L "check the flow"
15 Inner souL "it's the right time" rmx and original
16 SOP "aw yeah"
17 K mac ??
18 Sparrow "rhyme impotence"
19 Danja mowf "questions"
20 Nas "world is yours" Dj Honda rmx
21 War Click "bullet for a bullet"

it's cool to see that more and more peeps are appreciating what we do and supporting us,
peace y'all

take care and eat vegetables! (nooferz, jam can't be considered as vegetables, i'm telling you, no way!!)


shadout said...

yo what the fuck happened to yasmina? if womeone knows where she is holler at me

downloading the mix right now but this megaupload is fucking slow

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

that mixtape is hard as fuck!!!
the tape is phat, what can i say blaze, you did it again!!!


lordquaz said...

Mix mortel g vraiment prit mon pied, vivement le tracklisting, l'intro est vraiment bonne
bravo blaze

havoc said...

yeh....thats it! a pure mixtape, wonderful intro!

i like that "questions" joint from danja.

thank you very much, for takin your time to make this def mix!

feeli said...

Nice selection as usual..The last joint is 'Nice'..Propz Acknowledged.

Andy said...


very dope


Anonymous said...

thanks y'all, gotta admit it took me some time to make dis one cause i was busy at the same time. So i hope you enjoy listening to dat mix! (kool you was feeling the intro!!)

by the way, anyone know about that 95 "K-mac" track? not even sure his name's K mac. it's from a very obscure bootleg, with nothing on it. The beat sounds similar to that DSA"lock shit down" joint but i have no idea where it comes from. So if you know that joint..please share the knowledge!

ps: if anyone wants to know what records I used in the intro,you never know..(some already did but if you're curious or just want to hear the full track) just ask, i'll put the names in here, no pb.

props to everyone who digs our shit.. BLablah CSA Soldierz of this hip hop darkness.. ahah we still here!

feeli said...

Nice for the Linkage!

Anonymous said...

Yes very dope mix indeed. You can see that the dj put a lot of work into
this. The transitions are clean. I am really enjoying this.
Keep puting that work on vinyl. I am jealous that you got that "War click"
joint aaaaaaaaaaah!

shadout said...

no problemo Feeli

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the e-mail reminder, I love all the mixtapes so far, you guys make driving around with great music too easy. Much props and thanks for the time and effort.


Gourou said...

Super mix, un des meilleurs avec Rer C et le Jazzy Mix.
Petit signe du Destin, juste avant de telecharger le mix, je venais de download "Check The vibe" mais sur l'album de Adriana Evans et me demandais qui était en featuring. Et je me dissais aussi que je pourais la mettre dans un petit mix fait sur ordi (ne sachant pas mix en vrai :( ).

Anonymous said...

Dred scott "check the vibe"

Is this the same Dread Scott
from that crazy track "back in the days"? What the hell happened to his voice? Maybe he's just smoothing it out to relax his mind lol

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

yeah i think it's the same one
that back in the days track is ill

handjob said...

very dope mix indeed! keep on!

Anonymous said...

big up for the site! all you 90's hip hop lovers check out also . peace!

Andy said...

ey blaze

one of ya illest mix!
war click bullet for a bullet is soooo fuckin hard man!! i haven't found any infos about these guys! is it possible to share an mp3 of this one for me? peace

Anonymous said...

yo andy, i'll try to when i have time. hit me at that mail

props from holland said...

best mixtape I heard in my life.. that intro can make my day..