Friday, August 04, 2006

Indy Mix Pt.4

What's up!
It's been a while but I think it was worth the wait. Now this mix is super fat, fatter than a 12 year old eating buckets for breakfast! Tighter than biggie, big pun, fat joe and Shaq in a beattle!
I know I know it's part 4 and there is no 3 on here, I don't know what's up with me and those mix numbers, I was so sure I droped the part 3 already, anyway it'll drop sometime, it's in my mix stock right now.

Indy Mix Pt.4:

Mr Motown & Mr Bloody - Thugs Paradise
Cream Team - Basically
Digamaz - Demo (Remix)
Brainwash 2000 - King of Demos
J-Force - Bull's Eye
Drama Klub - Hear No Evil
NSV - Time Is Tragic
Cover - Underground Flow (Remix)
Wise Eyez - Deadly But Calm
Persevere - Anger
Blackstract - Streets
Bee Why - Reality
Hollow Point - Clickz Like Gunz
Group Home - Express
Brainsick Mob - Rock A Show
Tung Twista - Suicide Ft. InfaRed
Company Flow - Vital Nerve
Down & Dirty Tribe - Atrocities of A Thug
Sparrow The Movement - Inheritance
Problem Solver - Drug Dealz
Concrete Click Where You At
Most Desh - Hiphop Is Livin

Big up to the Diga Diga! CynoSp.One aka Atomika! Lib.K! AdZiakRenegaZ!

Aight let me know what you think of this one, and we'll be back after the hollydays for more greasy flavor


Anonymous said...

! ! !

Anonymous said...


Hey il faut arreter là, vous cassez trop des gueules!

Peace au CSA, Shad', Noof et my yellow nigga DJ BLaze (cimer encore pour la mk2 lol).

PS: bon hey à quand un bucket pour ceux qui sont encore en france??

WATH aka Originoo Parasol Robber

Anonymous said...

Again nice job.Much props.

PS.Is there instrumental version of this Digamaz track?


Anonymous said...

Sick shit, yet again. That Time is Tragic track is hard as fuck. Good lookin out

Portland OR

Anonymous said...

daaaaamn so hooooot mix shadout ! <<< CSA Scratch on this babyyyy !

havoc said...

hey hey,

i'm glad to hear again from the CSA clik. great job!

here is something for tha ppl who would like think more about this hip hop thing:

its worth to take tha time...

havoc said...

the link is too long, so you need to copy it piecewise

or goto and search for "krs one stacks vinyl"

Anonymous said...

dope ass tracks..but mix aint that great...
the traxx are boomin !!!
great choice..heard this on my diggin trip thru berlin :)

payce, x

SeV_oNe said...

Im lovin the Indy mixes, thanks for the effort you all put into these mixtapes. I cant wait for Indy Mix pt3. Peace Bruddahs

shadout said...

yeah I have to work more on the mix, I just take records and then go freestyle from there, it gives more freshness to the mix, but it's not always really smooth

Anonymous said...


csa always on point

ps:binetot des mixtapes golden era, soul from the seventies, spiritualjazz,.....

a plus


Madwax said...

merci pour les mix supaa dope !
evil enko fait partie du crew csa ?
il connait apparemment hong kong... si il peut me filer des plans, spots, etc...
merci d'avance

Anonymous said...

What is that piano loop placed in between, Digamaz - Demo (Remix) and
Brainwash 2000 - King of Demos?

shadout said...

It's the begining of king of demos

shadout said...

actually that's the end of the digamaz track
but the brainwash also starts with a piano loop but I started the record after it

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Envoie un pm a evil enko sur 90bpm, il pourra surement te renseigner

RealisT said...

the best rap blogspot.

A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

We're about to rock this one right now on Radio... Thanks fam... Peace peace...