Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maple syrup flavor chicken wingzerz

Sup y all!

This new mix is canadian only

I got my bags packed, check, i got my boots strapped, check, i got my buds of joy and my budda sack, check

Nooferz - Mapple sirup flavor chicken wingzerz

01 - Rascalz - Soul obligation
02 - Choclair - What it takes remix
03 - Ghetto Concept - Certified remix
04 - Saukrates, Kardinal Offishal & Choclair - Werdz
05 - Brasstack - Hidden in sight, hidden insight
06 - Frankenstein & Choclair - So I
07 - Branded Black - Check the mic
08 - Kardinal Offichal - Naugthy dread remix
09 - Diemen X - Contaminate
10 - Grassroots - Price of livin
11 - Saukrates - Still caught up
12 - Sic Sense - Positionnal bypass
13 - Thrust - Rage remix
14 - Frankenstein feat Luminous - Quiet storm
15 - Donw to erf - Learn to earn
16 - Citizen Kane - Black rain
17 - NON Equation - Transparent
18 - Black I - No laws
19 - Concrete Mob - Boiling point
20 - Point Blank - Startin shit
21 - Maestro Fresh Wes feat Gauge - Pray to da east part 2
22 - Obscure Disorder - Lyrically exposed part 2
23 - Mecca 2 Medina - Trust me
24 - Checkmate - Highlife

until next time

c ya!


Anonymous said...

GODDAYUM!!! doooope mix man..props!

Kelvin Gumbs said...

Tell me where I can find this mixtape. one of my songs is on it. Check tha' Mic. I'd like to get a copy ...

Anonymous said...

nice one, thanks! so gald to see CSA still posting mixes!
always highly apricated.

Anonymous said...


i think this is mp3 only

shadout said...

it is mp3 only, clik on the megaupload link to download the mix


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

@Kelvin Gumbs

Are there other records from branded black?

Check the mic is dope!

capitaine nemo said...

Ca fait plaisir du canadien. Parmis mes disques préférés. Merci.

Anonymous said...

This is my shit!!

I love it..


Anonymous said...

Isnt it Mecca 2 Medina from UK?>

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

i think it's canadian, plus there is a frankenstein remix on the 12", but i may have been mistaking

Anonymous said...

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

well, mistakes happen

shadout said...

maybee they are english, but i'd never take as a reliable source of information, this site is full of mistakes since everybody can add anything and nobody really knows shit about all those underground cats

Kelvin Gumbs said...

I heard the mix. It's DOPE! Like I mean REALLY DOPE!! Thanks for playing my track. It's good to see that DJ's still have their ears to the underground.

As for Branded Black we did release a 9 song EP in late 1999 called "Archeology - Unearthing Lost Gems". I'm going to try to make the MP3's available on my blog in the next few months.

Anonymous said...

tabernacle le csa s'en va par chez nous.
ben nooferz met ben ton tuque retires y surtout pas tes mitaines même pour starter à scratcher le froid s'en vient vitement par là bas.

Katrah-Quey said...

Where can I find that "Werdz" joint? Isnt produced by Flying Pupa?

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

yes it is
I don't where you can find it

shadout said...

it's a japanese 12" so if you have contacts there you should try to use them, otherwise try ebay

Anonymous said...

one of the dopest canadian mix i've heard so far.. props!

alley al said...

sup y'all!!
nice mixes!!

i'm interested in finding some kardinal mixtapes.
i got the kill (bloodclot) bill joint,
and the new canadian coke;
i got all the albums.
i think i'm looking for FARERNHEIT,
and whatever else i haven't heard of.

the canadian hip hop i'd been familiar with was:
rascalz, swollen, buck, maestro, dream warriors, choc, sauk, kardi, k-os, and maybe a few others..

but i recently learned about jesse dangerously and word burglar and cats like that..
how do those dudes fit in to CSA's standards?

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

i don't know these guys, never heard of them

Jesse Dangerously said...

now you know!

(two and a half years later!

Patrick said...

Thanks for the bad ass dope mix.

I'm thinking of posting it on YouTube (obviously crediting you) but I separated all the tracks and retitled it as "Canada Reality Check 101" and made a cover for it similar to DJ Premier's "New York Reality Check 101"