Saturday, September 09, 2006

Heavy ammunition part 2

What's up?

What we have here today is another mix that i did this summer. Basically, it's a mix of indy stuff, some of my favorite tracks that i felt weren't on every mix lately.

Nooferz - Heavy ammunition part 2

01 - People without shoes - Evil for eternity
02 - Citizen Kane - Elements of the mind
03 - Slum brothers - Stop frontin
04 - Big L - Freestyle
05 - Pitch Black - Show & Prove
06 - Krumb Snatcha - Hustlers & Hardcore
07 - Bas Blasta - Dangerous
08 - Mental Illness - Amazin's not playing
09 - Brainwash 2000 - Break it down
10 - Ground Floor feat Lord Finesse - Dig on that
11 - Jakki tha mottamouth feat Copywrite - Widespread
12 - BMX - Microphone microphone
13 - Smoothe da hustler feat Trigger da gambler - My brother my ace
14 - Trigga - No tomorrow
15 - Hard 2 Obtain - LI groove
16 - Group home feat Brainsick - East NY theory
17 - N'tense - My brother's keeper
18 - Droopy Eye Crew - Anybody
19 - Nitty Gritty - Tru grain

I hope you will dig it


Anonymous said...


thanks man, apriciated!

SeV_oNe said...

Thanks, Ive been mostly listenin to Indies, Im tired of the radio and most of the new underground comin out. So this is great.

Gourou said...

"The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable."


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

I just tried the link and it was ok, you should try again

Anonymous said...

dope has fuck.

qnzgrimiest said...

hot mix my dude but i was thinking from no on can you put them in zip files for now on cause im tired of fats forwarding the songs if u can if not i understand, keep up the good work, peace.

shadout said...

yo, if we cut the mixes in tracks, the problem is that then youu have small whites between the tracks and the sound ain't fluid anymore, plus this way you have to listen to all the tracks every time like in the old days of the tape ;)

Raph said...

I haven't been on your website for a while...I've some mixes to download, good for me, here it's quite hard to find good dope.
Big up to my man Blaze, and to the whole crew. Keep on!
Peace from Kunming, China

The Meat Don said...

Daaayyyummm dis shit is so off da meatrack, since i been bumpin it at the meatshop da boss been on my back all day long cuz dem t bonez is all over the floor and that ain't so hygienic!!!!