Sunday, January 28, 2007

Scratch Science Breaks

For all the hardcore scratch heads out there, if you don't know about Scratch Science, well you should! The vol.2 of them breakbeats "GrassHoppeR" is out now and it's dope. Same concept as the vol.1: lots of good "skip proofs nicely arranged, and some nice double timing beats for your training sessions.
There's also a 500 limited 10 inch break, "Grasshopper pocket.
Some quality shit when it comes to scratchin'! support
you can know more about these cats here:


ps: some DOPE mixes are coming soon.. i'm working on it.
Keep it Peace


Anonymous said...

whats up with this?

Anonymous said...

ahah nah man, i still got that 20 000$ chain, i got lucky them bullets only hit the jacket. R.I.P bro lol shiiit i don't even know who he is, hope he was mixing good music though.
yo i'm alive!! but i'm selling that chain, too dangerous

Anonymous said...

damn i was gettin' a little worried man wtf. thought some punk was using your name or whatever...

but cool, seems like your still live and kickin'. love the mix'n, keep it up. peace