Thursday, February 01, 2007

Match47/Santos84"Microphone Backjump"

For those who already knew about dis, the "microphone backjump"lp is available now. For y'all who don't know, it's a French/Portuguese rap collabo with beats from Denmark. I've been listening to this cd for a while now, and it's still dope. One of the best release in this french rap scene in yearz!! you should really cop this if you're interested in good rap in general. Yes it's in french and portuguese, yes some of you might not understand a word they be saying, but when it's dope, it's dope!

Now, for the ones who be listening to that french rap shit during the mid90's, you should know Match47 (aka Ziake) as one member of the Digamaz possee who released a dope 12"around 97. (There's also one of them tracks in shadout's indy mix pt.4/ also the only french track we played live during that ZionI/ Kotix show if you were there..or maybe Masta Ace/edo.G's, shiit i can't remember. Anyway he's back with that lyrical technical flow and be hitting us soon wit some dope projects.This shit is QUALITY, so support (if u can) them true B boys who are still doing it for the love of it in a dark time when hiphop is moving into a strange path..

big up Match47/18recordz/US/TSK/Urban carma etc..

you can listen to some audio here:

get it:

Fnac,Ekiroc shop Samad record

stay positive! (at least, try ahah)
fuck them parasites!



shadout said...

yo dis shit is off the hook go buy it!
if you don't buy it you're a SUCKA!!! foreal

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Like Blaze and Shadout said, this is the shit.
By now, if y'all liked what we mixed, you know that we're not into that wack shit, and i hope that you have enough trust in us to believe us when we say that this LP is crazy ILL.
So if you're skeptical, give the myspace a try, I guarantee you will not regret it!

We are all tired of this wack shit comin out everyday, so we all need to give props where props are due, that's why we give mad props to Match 47 & Sanstos 84

peace to US/CRS/CRZ/TSK/CSA and you if you took the time to check this one out!