Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CS@ "One year already ! Special delivery Pt.2

Whuttup whuttup,
first of all, it's been a year now since we started this blog shit. So for the occasion and to celebrate, i had to come up with some dope sound for y'all. This one is more on some early 90's vibe, from 91 to 93/94 mostly. For all y'all hiphop fans out there, you won't be disappointed. It's a must have for the CSA listeners, so get it, NOW!!! (jack bauer's tone)
For those who just join us, this is a "mixtape blog". We try to provide you with some phat mixes or at least recordz we like to listen to. First it was made for all the peeps worldwide who support the CSA possee, and even if they moved away or be travellin'to different places, they can still have some mixes to bump into their system via the internet, anywhere they might be.
Today, I'm glad to see more and more peeps are joining us and appreciating this shit.
So big up to all the ones who supported us since day one (all countries worldwide, no segregation allowed in here) and to all the hiphop resistance on earth (yeah boy, the planet). Cuz nowadays kids are only into that crunk music or wack rap where they don't seem to make rhymes anymore. To prefer singing over rapping is one thing but worse! Now they don't rap, they whisper! Niiiiice!! WTF ahah

Now some shit must be said in this fucked up world, so i'd like to pull out a big red card to:
All the non-sucking dick bitches (heyyo if you act like a slut, at least you should represent, no offense! ahah otherwise respect yourself, and i'll show you some. eat a dick!
the so called friends, all tough and shit on the outside, but ready to sell their own the moment cops showed up. Fuckin'snitches! What about honour,pride and self respect nowadays?!! Fuck you and go eat a dick too you fucking bitch!!
all the ones who keep talking, talking and talking shit all day long behind other people's back.If you like them stories so much, go write a book and shut the fuck up mothafuckas!!
the real bullshit makerz, if you can't do what you say, don't talk. save us some time, go tell the next man, next..!!
all the sons of bitches who think they're the smart ones and know it all already, walking around like they own the fucking planet..heyyo eat a dick too or just sit on one (maybe u already know'bout dat..)
them arrogant mothafuckas who think they're the greatest of all time..keep it low profile and stay humble,you might get ur ass kicked soon or later
to the old friends, you chose the thug way, so be it. but respect the ones who try to make it in a decent way. life is hard and no one's made it yet.How many jail times,how long you gonna last, realize! try to fit's never too late till..
the hardcore haterz,the real ones. the ones who still be hating while hittin'jessica alba from the back ahah Damn, get some positivity! wake up or just hang urself!
All the ignorant peeps living in a fucking movie. you too, better wake up!
All the fake hip hop fashion headz, wearing fake ass blingz and don't know shit about the movement. You're a disgrace for that community, so give it up, please..
All them new street fashion victims loving Bape to death, wearing all that multicolor purple shit.dat's just me yo but, shit is ugly!! (and out of price for ugliness) ahah
all them security guards, i know you guys are doing your job and everything but stop following me even when i'm buying some fucking milk,that's still annoying! and don't pretend to look away, you're not invisible yet!
all the grandmas who thought i was gonna steal their purse, them suckas scared for their phones. that ain't me!! believe!
to all them dirty sluts who keep riding and riding brothas dicks for their fame,hype or sure can try to infiltrate but you only deserve one thing u EAT IT!ahah
and for them internet nerds trying desperately to get some e-props,e-respect or e-cred ahah that's just internet boy! Go out and meet the fucking sun!!
list goes on believe me however in dis fucked up world, i'd also like to say peace to:
them beautiful and simple women(you know who you are),the dedicated mothers,the sun for doing his job and making our ass warm, the one who first introduce that strange animal called chicken to his tribe back in a dayz, the mango fruit and all the mango products including mango ice cream and mango haze!! ,the peeps who designed that dope rane mixer, Kool Herc and his peeps who made this thing happened,the condom inventor(dat shit sure did save many of us, respect!ahah) All the Positive headz trying to keep it that way always etc....
If by now, you're still thinking i do give a damn about what people might think,or say blablabla well you're wrong!
And if i've offended anybody, well..FUCK YOU!

Click on the link here to download the mix:

BLaze/CSA Special Delivery.Pt.2 early 90's nuggetz!

Flip "gas"
KGB " freek tha flow
Wild sniper "yo! we got alot!
Moe crazy.."knock em out da frame
Tony tone "flow to the bone
The hansoul project "that's life
Hostyle takeover "good cop/bad cop
dedicated to the streets "sound of revolution
Eightball "ruff rugged and raw
ready to wreck
blazee "just parlay
kool kay dee "vibing in the cipher
Kgb "crack the brew
craz "whatcha gonna do
the GrimmReaper "so whatcha want N___?
J Rock "don't sleep on me
HOODz "OoliOo
King sun "unpursuit uptown
Latee/45KinGz "brainstorm

ps: There's been some technological upgrade concerning my recording configuration, so the sound quality is now PHat! Much better i think. Must be played LOUD through your speakerz!! hope you enjoy

Peace ouT


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Ahahah indeed that's a long post!
Once again dope mix Blaze, the bass is heavy on this one
Shit is rare, but more important, shit is dope, just the way it should be


charlie said...

dope shit money.. good ook

Anonymous said...

Damn, this mix is sick!! Thanks yo!!


Booxbowm said...

word....thanks for the mix...shit is mad nice...much appreciated

MoreShots said...


props for keeping it alive CSA!!
been following /supporting since day 1, keep on keepin' on.


havoc said...

now here is the hater no. 1;

to all those n****z who will be sayin "the street is my college"....fuck you! in fact hip hop is a very primitive culture. lets be true; its all about rollin blunts and drink 40s...and doing nuthin but hanging around. man i stopped listening to their lyrics. i just love the beats and the hookline.

i dont have love for thugs or any other disciple of streetwize knowledge. all those wack ass personalities should get a life and get away from their drug abusing life. the best thing ever is; to blame the white man for everything.

when i switch on TV and i see ex-public enemy member and still-crackhead flavour flav on MTV , then it is OVER. what ever flavour might be about, but i still remember how he acclaimed to educate the black community, calling PE the "black CNN".

Hip Hop feels no shame, everything is allowed as long it has the label "streetcredibility" or its a "black thang". fuck that! both doesnt work. and after more than 20 years in existence Hip Hop should know that. take that step forward, keep the so-called haters alive.

andy said...

yooo.. fucking fresh and i realy like how you mixed shit in this one! props

Big Paul Castellano said...

Comme d'hab, à la régulière "DOPE". Le King Sun fait plaiz.

Anonymous said...

Aight, thanks for posting some comments.It's cool, really appreciate.
at least some people also enjoyed it, cuz like i said before,it takes time to mix it up, find which beat can fit wit another, trying all the combination and get something smooth at the end.
as you heard, i didn't really mess up wit them vinyls, no extra scratchin' or juggles.. not that i can't do it, but sometimes when it's cool without it, don't need. Also, since i got no serato, recordz ain't indestructible, can't go all wild on them.
anyway, for y'all indy hardcore fans, some dope shit is coming soon, some really hard to find and dope mid 90's indy vinyls and all that good shit! ahah
but it will be sold by paypal, cuz a few comments don't pay!! ahah
to all the sea crabs out there, if you like them mixes, pay me!! ahah

brakkbacda said...

Etrange ta version de good cop / bad cop !!!!!! t sur que sa serais pas un remix chelou de blahzay blahzay - good cop / bad cop ? sorti en 96'.
sinon bravo pour les 1 an de ton blog,auquelle je souhaite longue vie.

shadout said...

c est pas un remix chelou c est la 1ere version, avant que blahzay blahzay s apelle blahzay blahzay
c est donc celle que tu connais qui est un remix chelou

Anonymous said...

oué comme l'a dit shadout, ils s'appelaient "Hostyle takeover avant d'être "blahzay blah. ca date de 92 ce titre, c'est la 1ière version de "good cop bad cop" on va dire

Anonymous said...

Dope mix, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Dope selection, super fresh, thanks!


Souljahswoop said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!
Man I ve just read ur lil Text and I just wanted to say that u have dat nice state of mind! I recognized my point o viewz in ur "red cards"!
So that's a first Big Up!
And of course the mix is Ill! And that's the second Big Up!

Keep On doin the right thing!

Mad Props! Peace
Swoop from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

dat's dope! big up to you man

nedd2 said...

Yo,je remercie toute l'équipe de csa pour ses mix et selections de qualité,toujours bien street,et pour le taff que ca demande!
Big thanks et longue vie au csa!
Ps:J'ai ajouté un lien pour votre blog sur le mien,respectivement
Big up!Nedd2

BYL said...

wild sniper is dope. the catch wreck vls is the shit