Tuesday, March 06, 2007

SpaG CynofiliK vinyl ep

We've been waiting for this to come out for a long time now, my man Spag Cynofilik's ep is out and it's in vinyl!
Once upon a time, Spag cynofilik (Aka State from the legendary graffity possee named "CRS" founded in 1988, a few yearz later combined with the "US" graffity crew then formed the "US.CRS"possee), was born back in a dayz, somewhere.. ahah
He was also in the "DigamaZ" rap crew that we've already talked about.
Nowadays, some left some stayed some arrived, and "Bam!"a new possee was born (like magic you see) called "CuratorZ".
So Today, 10 yearz later, he's back with his solo ep. With crazy nice productions by my man Phohat and Skalapp aka Prog's, he's coming back with some inovating hardcore flavour..asked Lodeck in NY who also contributed on this one emceeing along with Match47,Coroz,Lib.K..and myself on the cutz.
I gotta say it's the first official CSA collabo available in VINYL, so if you support us you better cop this one fo'sure! I repeat, we don't do music for money as you already know but if we got your support on this one, we can continue to release more stuff, so keep the few real b boyz left alive and yeah put it in the hat right there on the floor ahah
So spread the word, sell it in your store, get it for your collection, just buy the mothafucka!

available at Fat Beats Amsterdam (they know about dope)
www.undergroundhiphop.com (soon)

in Paris: Urban music, Tmaxx, samad, etc..

contact SpagCynofiliK (for questions or to get a cheaper price for real, just say you're a CSA addict and that would do..) at: http://www.myspace.com/spagcynofilik

here's some other nice work from him:

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shadout said...

oué c est ca!!!!!
j avoue je voulais faire le post aussi

anyway like blaze said, if you wanna support us and support real hiphop buy this shit!
blue girl blue girly girly tututut!