Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fondle'em Bitch!

Aight, First off let me say somethin!
The mega dope contest will close next monday and no one has found the exact tracklisting yet! So keep sending them emails to Blaze cause you might still have a shot to win that dope EP from my man Spag Cynophilik!

Now I've been checking the net lately, and shit, how many blogs are out there?? like a fuckin million or what?? Aight so that's nice there's people trying to share music and shit, trying to push that hiphop music that we like in the right direction. But come one, it's like a virus now! I guess it all started when my man smoov started VA, shit got some luv and then bim! blogs comin out of everywhere. So I'm checking some of them, maybee i'll hear something fat you know, cause everytime i see a new post i can read "mad dope ish!", "super fat!", "this is the shit!", hahaha come on dudes, let's be realistic here, not every single record is the "fucking mega dope shit!!". Off course everyone entitled to his own opinion about what's dope and what's not, but if you say everything is dope and I check a couple tracks and don't hear anything dope then i won't check anything else from your blog.
Another thing, what the fuck is is with just posting a picture of the record and a fucking link!!! Dude please try to add something here, and honestly if you drop some shamus record, or natural element or hi tech or whatever not so rare record, it's on soulseek!!!(and in my crates) I don't need your blog to hear this ish, so please add some insight! I might not like all that Smoov post for example, but at least VA explains why they think the record is nice. Big up to you for that. Big up also to my man Slurg for the fat insights everytime he reviews a record, check out his new ish press rewind (link's in the ... link section). A review is not "yo this shit's mad nice with the jazzy vibe, enjoy!" naaaaahhhh!!!
Don't even get me started with dudes actually posting mp3s that they did get on soulseek, when they actually don't have the record, and then they post nothing but a link, hahaha, pure comedy! Is there a contest for some e-cred goin on here? This reminds me of that other guy who was trading mp3s like that shit was actually rare and worth something hahaha bitch fuck you.

Next up is myspace, fuck this shit! a fucking wolrd of hypocrits. The other day I was chillin there, checkin some pages, (read: checking random bitches pages) when i receive a friend notification from none other than that ugly bitch Fergie. Yeah that fake hot bitch from that fake rap group BEP. Am i really supposed to think that she actually cheked our page, even went and check what we do and enjoyed it?? I mean fuck is this only about marketing your product, about having the fattest friend list so you can post more advertisement later? Well of course it is, what was I thinking. For a minute I thought this was about the music, liking what other people do and connect with other artists or fans in the same mindstate as yours. But I was on another fucking planet the day I thought myspace may actually be a good idea. Big up to Apany for actually checking out our page and the intro that Blaze upped in here, you have our support!!!

If you want to check our page (if you find it) and send us a friend request so we can hear what you do or like, please do so. But you might want to drop us a message first, cause we've been tired of that ish, where people just randomly want to be on our friend list. You end up checking pages where french dudes try to immitate crunk music, with no rhymes, no double time, no nothing, straight wackness!!!

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Aight now, let's get down to business and what we're actually here for. Them mixes!!!
I don't have a lot of time these days, so I treat you with some old ish. This is a mix that actually came out. Thanks to everyone who did carry this (even ughh, when you bootlegged it straight after receivin it).
this is the 12 Inches Deep Fondle'em issue, this shit was approuved by bobbito himself!! ya better recognize!!! (hahaha)

Shadout Mapes - 12 Inches Deep Fondle'em Issue:

1. Intro
2. Cage "Mersh"
3. Mhz "Camu"
4. Cage "Radiohead"
5. Siah "Pyrite"
6. Scienz of Life "The Anthem"
7. J-Treds "Make it happen"
8. Mr. Live "Supadupa"
9. Cloudkickers ft. Cage "And so kiddies"
10. Y@k Ballz "The plague"
11. Godfather Don ft. Bobitto "Keep on"
12. MF Grimm "Landslide Remix"
13. Jakki Damotamouth "The chosen"
14. MF Doom “Go with the flow raw mix”
15. KMD "Q3"
16. Siah & Yeshua DapoED "A day like no other"
17. KMD "Popcorn"
18. The Boulevard Connection ft. Promoe "Denmark style"
19. Godfather Don & Kool Keith "Mommy"
20. The Juggaknots "Troubleman"
21. Rok One ft. Shabaam Sadeeq, Kwest & L-Fudge "Ninety degrees a piece"

I still have some real copies of this mix cd available for those of you who would like to support what we do, for 10€ i'll send this wherever you are. so contact me if you are interested. I'm still givin this away for free but fuck it!
One love to Calaloo who did the fat fat cover!
Like cage said on mersh "this world's a commercial I can't change the channel everyday tryin to kill it but i have no ammo!"
Fuck the world!


Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Word the fuck up Shadout!
Please stop saying everything is the shit when it is not and try to be objective for a change!!!

Now this mix is indeed the shit ahah, special fondle'em, for those who know the fondle'em compilatoin done by def jux, you might note that the tracklist are completly different.

serch4beatz said...

word to your criticism bout blogs poppin up like flies on shit..
and thanks for the trade ( s ) ;)
pz Dome aka serch4beatz

The Fruity Wax DONN said...

Sup B
cool blog, but yo game recognize game know whut i mean?
check this shit out, my nu blog, the bomb yo, indy hip hop flava, in case you need some yo
Fresh like a virgin's pussy dawg, more flava than a ripe mango B and records that you'll see only in your dreams, if you took some acid be4 sleeping


Anonymous said...

WoRd uP!

yo Shadout, i'm still waiting on the OG '12 inches deep' mix TAPE you put out time ago, you still got copies?
remember copping the 'fondle em' version up, and rincing it for daaaayyyysss, still blast it out now and again, dope mix..PROPS!

as for the whole blog issues, i see it on a par with th ewhole of hip hop.. true heads will prevail, while the rest will carry on in there jiggy world of hip pop junk.

kings vs toys...

keep up the dope music CSA, its appriciated.

yo search4beats, whats gwan! it's stilts DWG.

Big Paul Castellano said...

Haha j'ai toujours voulu ce mix depuis que j'avais vu la pochette à l'époque.

Merci ça fait plaisir, si je suis CEO de Nestlé un jour je verserai 10% du bénéfice au CSA no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Shadout got angry in here ahah
Mix is dope, i still remember when we went to some radio shows and all promoting that phat tape, years ago now..
Peace to the one and only BobbitO! some positive hiphop cat right there! and if you read this man, send us some dope Bobitto AF1! ahah (i mean it!)

For all the blogs out there, i don't know.. i don't check other blogs a lot, but sometimes i see some nice shit on the internet(i should check more but yo i'm just lazy ahah. i don't remember the wack ones anyway..
For that myspace thing, who the fuck is fengie anyway?! yo shadout maybe she digs your style and just want your number!ahah

For the "almost impossible to win" contest ahah I realised it was a bit difficult to find them tracks. i also got some computer problems (fucking technology!) but i'll be able to end this next monday, so you got the week end to find out more than 6 or 7 tracks i think, which was the best shit i had. I'll post the tracklist don't worry, i don't want to hide them and keep it all for myself so you can't cop them vinylz and shit..ahah

For Big paul (en céfran stp, billingue attitude) vas y mec, magnes toi de devenir CEO! mets un 10% sur ma gueule ca me suffit chez nestlé!lol

shadout said...

yo anonymous, I think i know who you are, cause we talked about this tape a while back, i still have some at home, and i can of course send a copy, email me and we discuss the details

big paul cimer pour le soutien, ca fait zizir comme dirais la bou-boulette, check tes emails aussi

Serch4beatz, my criticism is more about the poor quality of them blogs, cause if each blog had his style and was well written it'd be nice, but peeps posting avg records, and not argumenting their post to me it's useless, but that's just my own opinion of course


Anonymous said...

Merci Shadout pour ce mix :-)


MalteOne said...

yo shadout...
im really interested in that mix if you still got some copys...
cant find ya mail adress so im tellin you in here
btw i really dig all yall csa stuff, checking every new mix!
got the real underground vibe flowing through your veins, aight!

much props from germany

shadout said...

yo malte1
my email is shadout.mapes@wanadoo.fr
drop me an email I have some copies left

Pz & thks for the support

Big Paul Castellano said...

Elles sont bien les air force one que Bobbito a fait avec Nike ?

shadout said...

pas la moindre idée,
t as recu ton cd?

Swann said...

Thank you so much for this!!! I finally found the track name for "Radiohead". Banged this real real hard! Also big-ups for the Maple Syrup tape. Always knew it was time to roll out of bed when Checkmate started rappin'. haaaa

ez fam

Big Paul Castellano said...

Oui j'ai reçu, tout est très bon, même le livret.

"Q3" est trop court merde.

Dabrovska said...

Je kiffe la couverture, tu l'as chopé sur un comic de Marvel ?

cee kay said...

ce skeud je l'avais choppé à 2€ dans un shop qui allait fermé, j'étais partagé entre l'écoeurement de la fermeture de ce disquaire indépendant et la joie de ne mettre que 2€ pour cette excellente mixtape. Par contre cela me rappelle que j'ai également ta mixtape 12 inch deep

Pete Sasqwax said...

ayo Shadout - I've been trying to track down a contact email or something similar in order to grab a copy of your Fondle Em mix but am having no luck. Also, I wondered if you still doing the ill mixes and if so, where at? Much props to you, hope you get this

Pete Sasqwax

shadout said...

hey Pete, you can reach me at shadout.mapes@wanadoo.fr
I'm also on the DWG board, I think I saw you are active also on this board.

As for new mixes unfortunately I have not been able to do a new one in years but when I do I'll post it on this blog.