Monday, April 02, 2007

U.B.S tracklist

Yo, here's the tracklist of the Undercover Bananas SpeciaL mix:

Intro Harry Bellafonte "banana boat song
lyrical lunatic "headboppers
chaos "wordlife
ill biskit "beyond understanding
camouflage large "heavyhitters
global platoon "keep your day job
hycelph da supreme child "97 introduction
empty pockets "illusions
heavy sedation "somthinlight
pauly yams dj jams "when i blow up
naughty axe "congo madness
corner 2 corner "corners 2 corporations
brookly zoo "the year 2000
K skills/Dr becket "hitten hardest
example "endless
Bosch "rising suns
live wirez "real niggaz
D vine "fit in to my structure
pauly yams and Dj Jazz "snitches!
public anounsa "deep concentration
Bosch "jezebel
Dr Wes "body parts
camouflage large "regulate
ricci rucker/mike boo "

here's again the link to download it in case you missed it:
Blaze/CSA Undercover Bananas SpeciaL mix

contest is over, big up to you if you did try.
sorry i'm tired, had a busy day, don't have much shit to say except that i'm working on some bananas mix part.2 cause i need a new mix in my mp3 player but don't worry, i'll share this shit with y'all as usual, you know how we do..
Thanks again for the props from worldwide, peace to all the (positive) hip hop heads who visit us in here the "Chicken Matrix"ahah


Anonymous said...

hello from germany. liked your mix/all the mixes on this site a lot. nice vinyl colletion and skillz on the turntables are rare these days.

my favourite mix unitl now: Dj.BLaze from CSA, RelaX ur MinD..!

i am currently listening to shurik`n ou je vis. i don`t understand what he is saying, but it is one of my favourite records. big up to france.

what about a france mixtape? would be dope!!

greetz from germany

Anonymous said...

thx man! yeah dat relax ur mind mix is also one of my favourites
don't worry you'll hear some french rap in my next one.
by the way, i use to have dat cable wit some german channels, so i heard some german raps on mtv and viva or something like that,i can't remember but they had some dope hip hop videos in that "supreme" show.. lol
i remember that mc "curse" (bald head wit glasses?) who got some feat.wit gza once or flavor flav, lots of american artists then went there to rap wit germans maybe because of def jam germany, dj tomekk then got a feat wit lil kim wit bikers and a dj tomek def jam helicopter ahah also, afrob!, samydeluxe.., but i was shocked by some long hair white dude rapping almost naked in freezing waters,crazy ahah

i'd like to know more about german mc's from the 90's, groups or dope classics, do you have any names?


Anonymous said...

"supreme" was the best show ever. just good videos and interviews with evil dee, dj premier and so on.(many videos, you can see on youtube, are recorded from that show)
the guy who made this show works now for an internet show: (ist also very nice)

funny that you noticed the dj tomekk videos. i don`t know, but they are not that good. it was the time, when hip hop was a commercial success in germany. if your really want to hear some good german music, try:

blumentopf, rag, torch, fiva mc
(all classics in germany)

here are some snippets:

square one is also from germany, but they rap in english. i think it is very good.
you can listen to it here:

and whats about french rap? i only know Iam, Fonky Family, Ntm, Doulbe H Dj crew and Faf Larage. What about Jimmy Jay (cool sessions)? is it good?

Fleyva said...

Yo blaze,

I thought since you and the rest of th e csa's been blessing all of us with dope mixes over the past year (the 36 chamber mix is still my fav up to now) i figured i could give at least a little something in return. Since you said you were curious about german rap i ripped a 12" by the german female mc cora e called 'Schlüsselkind' which means as much as latchedkey child. The single contains the original and two remixes of which all are nice but if i had to pick i'd go with the og. I think it was released in '96. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks again for your work that you put in your mixes! it is much appreciated! Keep on!


Here are the links:

MalteOne said...

alright if you wanna hear some german classics check out these lp's:

stieber twins - fenster zum hof

massive töne - kopfnicker

die klasse von '95 (compilation)

advanced chemistry - advanced chemistry

walkin' large - riverside pictures (english)

i could rip some of them and share the links if anybodys interested


Anonymous said...

yeah here you go! thanks for sharing some music

i didn't really like tomek but when i saw that helicopter man, i just realized money got in the german rap game for real ahah
i knew square one of course,they made some good ish,then found out they were germans, but it was still good shit..

i'll try to listen to some of these as soon as my computer is fixed..
hope them links will last long enough so i can cop them sounds

still working on a mix, i'm taking my time on this one, shadout might have another dope one for y'all soon..

Peace to Germany,thanks again for the links!! yeaaah boy GO GERMANS! ahah


cartoon said...

Yo YO apparement le lien est dead !
Ca serait possible que vous en remettiez un valide :P

Ca serai vraiment cool

peace merci !

shadout said...

le lien fonctionne parfaitement

cartoon said...

Ah bien moi il ne marchais pas, il me mettait qu'il était indisponible. En tt cas merci, je vais me prendre ca demain matin ! peace

serch4beatz said...

no new mixes?

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

things have been kind of slow lately, but i know that blaze and shadout are working on new mixes, they are juste busy with other stuff right now
but don't worry, new stuff will be coming in a couple of weeks
during that time, you can listen to older mixes.

Maybe some of you haven't seen this, but a while ago we offered to do a mailling list to be informed of new mixes droppin, so if y'all want to be included in that, drop me an email a

shadout said...

new job = less time for mixes :(

Anonymous said...

u guys are killin it! keep doin your thing! loving ALL the mixes. BIG UPS for the Society Yes n' Deed joint! Slept on outta Luke Skywalkers camp!

got any Nitebreed "The Prince of Darkness?"

c-town killa

Anonymous said...

u guys are killin it! keep doin your thing! loving ALL the mixes. BIG UPS for the Society Yes n' Deed joint! Slept on outta Luke Skywalkers camp!

got any Nitebreed "The Prince of Darkness?"

c-town killa

Anonymous said...

merci pour des mixes

le lien ne marche pas....

vous puvez le remettre?


checkez mon blog

bientot special underground hh diggin session....


aurelio aka conscious music

shadout said...

yo aurelio, le lien marche, je sais pas pourquoi certaines personnes ont des problemes avec, je viens d essayer ca marche

and cTown, i don't have any nitebreed myself, been on the look out for this one


ral278 said...

yo blaze! the bananas-mix was great man. knew most of the tracks already but that one from "naughty axe - congo madness" is just amazin'! you have details (on what label, record, year) that dopeness been released? couldn't find any information so far...
thx and keep them awesome mixxes comin!