Monday, March 12, 2007

Undercover Bananas Special mix

As y’all already know CSA is all about Peace, Love, Unity, having fun and tons of other dope stuff such as, insane chicken hunting in the jungle (with shotguns and wearing camouflage AF1 of course), tasty selective cannibalism when the mood is right, hardcore gangbangs (with “miss universe”winners only ahah), incredible polka dancing battles (for b.boyz only), and of course endless discussions about who the fuck got the best chicken recipe ever (don’t front guys, that’s me, without a doubt! I’m the fuckin’chicken master)
Now you know all about us, you might think: “damn! Dat’s ill..” Nah man, that’s just a regular csa week end right there...
Enough blabla for now, today I highly recommend you to pay attention on that mix. Not because it’s the best mix ever, but simply cause I won’t put any tracklist till a week or two.I’ll let you find out in the comment section. I’m warning you, that ain’t an easy one, there are lots of rare recordz in there. If you do recognize all them tracks right away, you’ll get my eternal e-respect (ahah dat’s one thing..)and win the contest with the honors from the CSA ahah
As you also just realized, CSA is also about interactivity and real entertainment for your lazy asses! So just give it a try, you won’t be called a sucka if you just don’t succeed, don’t worry.
However there’s one type of people I’d like to condemn,you know the type who listen to any, I really mean any tracks even unreleased ones and then say to you this wonderful and magic sentence: “OH yeah, I know this one, I heard it before but I can’t remember the name and artist.. but I know the sample..etc..” Why lying to yourself…WHY?ahah Shit, that’s not because it’s music, that you already heard it all! That’s just stupid and impossible you dumb dumb fuck! What’s the big deal not to know about it? I guess some guys need some sort of credibility and shit,but I still don’t get it. Or at least, give me some real facts like,some names, artists,djs,type of ish you might have heard that “sample” from. Ahah you can’t fake it.Watch out,there’s an investigation on your ass,so go hide yourself now,quick! …Maaan…I can still see you..
So now if you’re not too scared (I might have upset you if you’re that type of person aha), and you want to participate in that lil csa game, don’t forget to mention your name cause there will be tons of incredibles prices to win.
The first who e-mails me the complete tracklist will get one SpagCynofilik CSA signed vinyl, shipped directly to your sweet home on our humble expenses(no bullshit). Also some virtual chicken wingz, alcohol, candy bars, hot bitches(hot guy with muscles and all if you’re a b.girl winner,you never know..) animals if you’re into that kind of stuff ahah
And I know hundreds of hip hop heads are downloading them mixes (I can see you, all of you, I’m observing everything and shit) SO don’t let the man die alone and at least write some shit in the comment section you shy mothaF…. Represent for yourself, and let us know who did cop them mixes! That ain’t too much to ask, right? Right..” I knew you’d understand my point.

So keep it simple,positive and remember:
Even a man wearing a red skirt and..ah let me rectify that one, there’s some hiphop technical matters that can’t be deny..ahah Aiight, let’s try dis, even a fat ass naked midget sailing in the cold Antarctic ocean wearing short with sunglasses, can know more about hiphop than all of us..(??!) just meditate on this one, too deep I just lost y’all ahah

Peace out

Click on the link to download:
BLAze/Csa in “Undercover Bananas Special” MIX

you can contact me at:
and about the contest, if nobody can give me the complete tracklist, i guess the winner will be the one who got the more correct answers. Good luck y'all, and good hunting!


shadout said...

faut que tu laisses ton email pour le jeu concours
je dl ca now, si ya moy de gagner un SPAG EP signé je prends, hahaha

Anonymous said...

ahah NO CSA MEMBERS allowed shadout, just give it up to the next man!

en plus, t'en as déjà mec.
dis toi on l'envoie en afghanistan s'il faut,à nos putain de frais! mais jt'avoue il est assez dur sur certains sons..on verra bien

Shadout, you're out! ahah

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

I'm downloading this right now
I know I won't win, but I don't care, I aldready have the spagiari EP signed ahahah!!!

btw, I say nice mix now cause I know it's ill even if I haven't listen to it yet

shadout said...

yeah I already have a signed copy, but I still could use a 2nd one, to put on ebay and get the millions hahaha

anyway big respect to the person who finds all them tracks

feeli said...

Can't name the tracklist-just showing appreciation for the 'live mixtape' as usual from you guys...Niceness!

Anonymous said...

Nice mix man. 1ere écoute chui vert, qu'est ce que je gagne si j'ai seulement pu reconnaitre 7 tracks haha.


Big Paul Castellano said...

Moi je connais les gagnants shadout et nooferz haha.

Sinon on gagne qq chose si on l'a dl ;)

Je vais l'acheter je crois, ça m'a plus match confiance règne maintenant.

Keep it real !

Anonymous said...

yo whuttup feeli hope you sold all your AF1s !ahah

Funky 09, t'as potentiellement gagné une Biaaatch virtuelle! c'est déjà pas mal mec

yo big paul,si tu l'as "juste" dl tu gagnes "juste" le droit de l'écouter ahah sinon comme j'ai dit,aucun membres du CSA n'a le droit de gagner, jle garanti.. et t'inquiètes, y'aura pas de carotte sinon ca sert à rien.

shadout, j'ai lu quelque part t'as dit les 2 premiers gagnent?? lol merde j'ai pas été clair dans mon post? moi perso, je paye pour UN type sûr, après faut voir les finances car envoyer à l'étranger ca coute reuch mon frère (à moins que tu cotises aussi dans la cagnotte lol là rien ne vas plus!)

Nooferz, thanx for the trust my man. Don't become canadian, what are we gonna do without you when we'll have to burn the city all over again, Paname city ON FIRE! ahah Paris Riot Pt.2 coming soon next with nooferz's pyromaniac skillz hopefully

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

t'inquiete c'est cool que t'ai kiffé le match47, spag cinofilik la tete dans les chiottes

si t'as pecho le carbon bros, c'est spag cino qui rappe le premier couplet de la chanson cachée

Anonymous said...

sup guys caught me i do get ya mixes and have on occations forgotten to comment..anyways you guys make some nices mixes....keep it up

Anonymous said...

woRd the f*ck Up!

dope mix again CSA, props.

got a few of these tunes, and know some more.. i'll type up soon,hopfully i'll win some chicken flava bananas..


Anonymous said...

Salut Shadout, je viens d'écouter le indy mix 4 et j'aimerais avoir plus d'infos sur le groupe Ntv et le morceau "Time is tragic".
Sinon ton blog déchire bien, les mixs permettent de découvrir des mines de balles.

Anonymous said...

Et sinon Bloodshot "Blue black" sur le indy mix 5 ça sort d'où ? Encore une grosse balle que tu me fais découvrir, merci mec ...
Tu saurais pas où on peut se les procurer ces skeuds ?
Je crois que c'est mal barré ... mais bon.

shadout said...

tu trouvera le nsv sur la compile crime scene
j ai pas trop d autres infos sur le groupe je crois c est le seul morceau que j ai d eux
Crime Scene Compilation EP EP 1996 omnispin

pour le bloddshot le morceau est sur 2 maxis, sur la 2nde edition ya un morceau en plus sur la face b qui est aussi cool et cette version est plus facile a trouver
Blak Eye (aka Bloodshot) Blue black dci/ Chalk da 12" 1995 H Bomb
Bloodshot Blue Black dc 12" 1994 Field Niggas

Anonymous said...

yo since i received no complete tracklist(sometimes 2 or 3 tracks only), like i said,

even if you just know a few of them tracks, you might win!
there are now 2 vinyls to win)

y'all got one more week (till next monday i think) to keep writting me the tracks you know (still at: )
big up for trying!


TSP44LIFE said...

YO! ...u should check the "street sounds ELECTRO series" on PEACE!
...and hey - link me up, I DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

very nice mix-tape. as usual ofcourse.
props from me and a lot of others from The Netherlands that dig your mix-tapes.

so props to Shadout, Nouferz and Blaze!

Anonymous said...

Yo CSA, Keep schooling the world, ur mixtapes are fresh.
Peace from Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hello ..what about the tracklist ???

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

Check the new post for the tracklist my man