Saturday, August 11, 2007

Indy Mix Pt.6

Yo what's popin!!!!!
It's been mad long since my last mix because I've been busy with other stuff, but I'm still here.
I don't have a lot of time i'm just here to drop a fuckin mix, no tracklist yet, maybe later when I come back and have time to post it.

Shadout - Indy Mix Pt.6

Enjoy, Post some feedback, find the tracklist, get your e-cred maxxed up!

Ok Here's the tracklist off the top of my head :

Godfather Don – 7 Degrees Of Elevation
Izm Da Mad Soul – Who Lit Dat
Dedicated 2 Tha Street – (Naugthy by nature diss)
Tripps – New York NYC
Problem – Street Theory 101
Geo & Rickochet – How It’s Done
The Outfit – 3 mics ...
Deep In Da Circle – So
Soul Survivors – Strictly Hiphop
Dahru – Connecticut
Crime Fam – Scotch On The Rocks
The Hoodz – Pull Out Your Gats (Remix)
Okie Dokie – Who’s The One Rappin
Soma – Causin Mass Hysteria
Soho – Shortie (chainsaw massacre texas hiphop)
Brother Arthur _ What You Gonna DO
Paul Ray –
Saukrates & Marvel – Hate Runs Deep
Shabam Sadeeq – It Can Happen
Bruthaman – Repeat After Me
G Depp – Blow More Spot
Da Nabahood Threat -


Dabrovska said...

J'avoue que j'en connais aucun, mais PUTAIN c'est vraiment des morceaux de choix ! La 4ème avec ses samples de Jimmy Hendrix est simplement bombesque ! A quand la tracklist ?

Dabrovska said...

Hmmm...Brother Arthur - What You Gonna Do !

Big Paul Castellano said...

What means Indy ? India ? like Taj Mahal and shit ?

Rick James bitch

feeli said...

Ain't gonna waffle - Good look on the usual dope bangerz..Quality shit...Peace!

sphinx said...

le track sample de jimi hendrix c'est trapps soit c'est mop soit une sacrée imitation

Dabrovska said...

Quand daigneras-tu partager ton savoir ô Shadout...

Anonymous said...

props for the mix!
any chance of a track list, PLEASE???



A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

A gift from me to you... An 80 minute mix featuring all new good Hiphop ****, artists like Greg Nice, Diamond, Percee P, etc. And you ain't heard or have most of these joints... trust me:...

lordquaz said...

pure mix, bravo shadout, dabrovska, le titre que tu cherché c le Tripps "new york NY" , un super maxi a choper.

bravo le CSA, une petite idée pour les prochains mix, ca serait mortel de les coupé tracks par tracks.
bonne continuation pour ce super blog

Anonymous said...

deep in da circle (portishead sample i think) and g deppblow more spots

Dabrovska said...

Yes t'as assuré Lordquaz ! Si tu l'as n'hésites pas à le poster ;)

lordquaz said...

oui je l'ai le tripps, ca fait un moment que je voulait le posté justement,
sinon pour en revenir au mix je me le suis réécouté c un des meilleur volet de la serie indy mix pour moi, bravo shadout

Xam huh?! aka Cartoon said...

J'avou je pense pareil que toi Lordquaz, meilleur volet :D
Le premier son, met tout de suis d'accord sur la qualité de ce qu'on peut entendre après...


shadout said...

only 3 tracks found yet?
I am not sure people really want to find the tracklist...
some of them should be easy to find and have been reviewed on your favorite blogs

Anonymous said...

01-kool keith, godfather don ?
07-deep in da circle
16-Shabaam Sahdeeq

LOL ba on est pas très fort !!!

Anonymous said...

shadout is back!

Anonymous said...

nice work man
keep on !