Saturday, November 10, 2007

B-Boy Cycle (jazzy radio version) mix

This mix is more on a jazzy musical vibe i like to listen to when i just chill.
Once again mixed with love and passion ahah
Except that there's a little bonus on this one (non negligible to me)
The sound quality is much higher than any mixes i did before cause it's been reworked in the studio by my bro Phohat.
So i was nicely surprised that lots of them tracks sound even better than the original versions i have on vinyl. So props to the technology and sound engineerz ahah
This is for all y'all true music loverz out there, just sharing some good shit. Hope you enjoy cause i do!
so this is dope mp3 material and for the close fam, if you're interested contact me there's the real audio cd (non mp3!!) for your system, and the sound is DOPE, believe!

Phohat, Nujabes,Vinyl Reanimatorz, Beatminerz, Clark Kent, Beatnuts, Lord Finesse, Buckshot, Biggie Smallz, Lewis Parker, Mos Def, Royal Flush, Jay-Z, Funky DL, Digable Planet, Raw Produce, Bums, Scritti politti, Buckshot Lefonque, Raskass, ATCQ.. Groover Washington

Most of all, I send love between my brothas and my sistas, representing hip hop all over this world! (F.DL)
Feel it!
and haterz, well suck my ballz! at least, this you will enjoy ahah


Blaze B-Boy Cycle (jazzy radio version) click here to download
mix length approximatively one hour

megaupload link
zshare link


(big up to agent.X. for the visual)


Anonymous said...

dope mix fat sound and free !!!
congrat ;)

Splastic head ;)

Ash.K said...

Good to feed my mp3 player.

Booxbowm said...

Thanks Blaze...sound quality sounds really good and feautured artists on it reads great as well...listen to it asap

A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

mad love from radio... we bump your mixes every once in a while...good shit... very good for the art&culture...

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. I love the mood of the whole mix, very coherent.

Anonymous said...

I don't know most of the instrus during the intro, any chance of a tracklisting?
Good looking out on the lewis parkers too.

Anonymous said...

this was wonderful

gourou said...

Aller les mecs, une trackilist, faite par les rats :).

gourou said...

j'ai reconnue un titre :). Raw Produce, Cycle, min 39 :).

Big Paul Castellano said...

Ah ouais plein de classic ça fait plaisir.

Bon j'envoie où mon chèque sur quel compte offshore ? parce que je suis un putain de matérialiste et je veux ce mix en vrai cd.

Anonymous said...

big paul
en fait j'en ai pressé une petite quantité que je vends déjà pour les kiffeurs, mais elle est scred et un peu tendu à avoir si t'es pas dans l'entourage direct, mais jvais créer un truc sur internet pour la rendre accessible aux autres.
check le blog dans qques temps,
en tout cas ca fait plaisir de voir y'a encore des vrais gars qui support.big up

shadout said...

franchement le son sur le cd il est mega fat, c est un truc de ouf en fait

A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

Please contact us:

AC The PD Radio
The AirGraFx Shop
1143 Pine Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90813

The myspace page is the best way...

Anonymous said...

Do you have a detailed tracklist for me? Shits Dope.. I am stuck with the question about that track Im cool like that - Im chill like that... who the rapper and sista ?

Anonymous said...

it's digable planet "rebirth of slick"
ladybug has a great voice, me like hers :)

y'all get the tracklist but i'm lazy again to write it now.. soon