Tuesday, January 01, 2008

CSA SLIPMATS (limited)

sup people from the internet world!

First , happy new year and all that good shit (just for the peeps who deserve it of course aha
Now what we got here.. fresh CSA slipmats! yooohoo!
some already got them but we made it available for everybody worldwide through this internet shit, ok.. maybe not for everyone cause we only have 10 pairs left to offer
like party arty said: "you want it.. i gotz to give it to ya!!" (but you may have to pay first ahah
So if you're interested, cause they kinda look dope on your turntables, your wallz or your wife.. yes sir!
you can have those with a fresh smell of chicken on them for "20 euros" (shipping non included)

contact my man nooferz at nooferzcsa@yahoo.fr

ps: and if you're a sucka, please don't buy them! let the right peeps have it ahah
joke! peace to all the suckas out there too.. y'all know there's no discrimination here :)

peace to all the peeps that support us, all the hip hop survivorz anywhere on the globe
from the west coast..to the far east
big up



Ash.K said...

Moi j'attends le best of 2007 du CSA,.....

shadout said...

yen aura pas vu que le best of 2006 est le mix le moins telechargé de tous ceux que j ai fait et que ya pas trop eu de feedback positif.

en plus j ai pas trop suivi 2007

randal mcmurphy said...

mortelles les feutrines, les mixs dechirent continuez le bon taf!

Soul Diggs said...

yo would like to know where you got those spraycan and marker characters from the one's on the slipmatts would really appreciate the knowledge