Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mobb Deep shit

Wassup everyone?

Here's a new mix for y'all to enjoy and this one is a Mobb Deep special. On this mix yohear some unreleased tracks, some remixes and some featurings. I haven't got time to make a tracklist right now but i'll do it asap.
So for those who like what we do, enjoy this mix, and for those who hate us, get a life bitches!

Mobb Deep special

i'm out until next time!


Philipp said...

I would like to thank the CSA clik for this very extra dope mixtape of Mobb Deep. It reminds me of this 36 chambers mixtape, which I bang in my system nearly every day.

greets from Germany.

PS: what has happen to the mailinglist. I used to get an email if there was a new mix out...

shadout said...

The mailing list is still on, but we all are very busy lately so maybee nouferz forgot to send the mail out this time.

thanks for the support!

somno said...

Yeah, y'a moyen que j'use ce mix autant que la Best of Mobb Deep de Mister Cee.

Holla les voisins, héhé.

spag said...

DOPE DOPE! un bon pti mix qui donne des envies d'coups d'tournevis ;)

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoy this one
i forgot about the mailing list this time, my bad

twelv' said...

respect pour le blog
passez faire un tour sur le mien un de ces 4



Nice tracks & mix.


LaSenSii said...

Je suis souvent ton blog, du bon boulot au niveau des mix jaiiimmmee.

vla mon blog aussi quelque indé sympa

Big Paul Castellano said...

Popopop, y a rien en ce moment, mon i-pod ce fait chier à mort, ce mix arrive au bon moment, big up donc à noof et aux membres du poulet addicté.

Vous avez encore des slip ?

shadout said...

envoie moi un mail mec
je dois pouvoir te trouver une petite paire