Monday, March 03, 2008

Shining rmx

http://rapidshare. com/files/113236422/Carbon_Bro. rar. html
http://rapidshare. com/files/113237593/Shining-Doom. rar. html

attention wack nerdz..
go make some music, do your own thing, stop talking shit all day like cowards.. be productive!
for those who got time to diss us, if you open your mouth like that and then refuse to meet in real life.. that's simple, just shut the fuck up bitches!!
So fuck all y'all wack ass frustrated nerds hiding behind your screens, get a life or another dick to suck dry. Know that we'll be doing our thing anyway with or without any support.
also music is not just about mid90's indy rap, and ripping mp3 requires no skills at all so don't act like you're the shit, know you 're not! just because you got a few thousands downloads don't mean shit to me.
fuck a fan, i don't want none ahah but i'm sure y'all live for that, stupid!

peace to the real headz doing their thing without giving a f..., i respect that

csa cz us crs88 hhPhilosophy..

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Denis said...

Word ! Nuthing more to say...