Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back To The Lab Part 2

What's up everyone

Last september i told you about a serie of mixes i made being busy in the lab like Dr Satan and Dr Obrero. After combining records from dead crews like Herbert West, i'm bringing you here part 2 of the back to the lab serie.
I don't remember the tracklist so maybe i'll put it down later but if you've listened to our previous mixes, you know what we're about and what to expect

Props go to my fellow CSA members, Curatorzerz Crew, US CRS88 and everyone enjoying these mixing and everything else we put on this blog

Beware, lack of CSA mixes tend to turn people in this


Back To The Lab Part 2

Btw there's a mailing list going on for those who don't know. If you want in send me a mail and i'll inform you everytime a new mix is online


Anonymous said...

Dr Satan is back at ya wit the realness! ahah

Jort said...

Love from Botswana, the gods must be crazy

Zodiac said...

Dope Mixx Like Ever!!!! Big up!

Have you a Playlist or something ? will be great!

One love, Peace

A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

Yo fam... Happy birthday to me... You posted this on my Bday... We are back on the air with our almost-daily live broadcasts and we finished our re-location ... so we'll be rocking this one soon... Peace peace...

AC The PD Radio
The AirGraFx Shop, Long Beach, Ca

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dude

as for the tracklist i'll make it when i have some free time in the meanwhile why don't you try to find it out?


A.C. The Program Director *LBNF* KING said...

Hope you heard all the love we gave to you on the station today...

spag said...


Zodiac said...

yes, no stress!

i have find out all tracks, but by 3 tracks i'm not sure, thats all!

Anonymous said...

Yo Spage thanks, glad that you like it, dope remixes by the way especially the first beat for the mf doom it's ill!
Zodiac, let me know your tracklist and i'll complete it


Big Paul Castellano said...

Je suis un vrai maintenant j'ai ma paire de Slipmat à l'effigie CSA. Gros respect quoi !

Booxbowm said...

Aight..Thanks CSA..will enjoy the new mix

Pierre said...

Tain mec, ils defoncent ton site et tes sons..

Je vai tout te download sa mere!

Respect Homie..